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Riverflow by Alison Layland

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Damppebbles

About The Book

After a beloved family member is drowned in a devastating flood, Bede and Elin Sherwell want nothing more than to be left in peace to pursue their off-grid life. But when the very real prospect of fracking hits their village, they are drawn in to the frontline protests. During a spring of relentless rain, a series of mysterious threats and suspicious accidents put friendships on the line and the Sherwells’ marriage under unbearable tension. Is there a connection with their uncle’s death? As the river rises under torrential rain, pressure mounts, Bede’s sense of self begins to crumble and Elin is no longer sure who to believe or what to believe in.

My Thoughts

This is a slow burning psychological thriller, deep and emotive, be prepared to discover some deep secrets!
Bede and Elin Sherwel are grieving, they’ve just lost someone really loved for them but they are still not ready to move on; so to make things easier they will decide to move to a new place. Sadly, they will be involved in some environmental issues that will put all the village in high voltage; lies, tension and secrets will be everywhere. Ready?
This is a story full of layers and complex; in the centre we will have Bede and Elin, then a secret diary hidden that will reveal some family secrets… But what could it be hidden in that diary connected to the reality they are living in the present?
The story is full of tension and suspense, expect a human story mixed with some real problems that will make you feel more involved in the story and eager to know more about the characters and their story.
This is the first book I’ve read of the author Alison Layland, but after reading Riverflow, I can assure you it will not be the only one! This is a story that is full of plots that even if they seem disconnect they all have their own part on this book, making it an exceptional read!

About The Author

Alison Layland is a writer and translator. Raised in Newark and Bradford, she now lives on the Wales/Shropshire border. She studied Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Cambridge University and translates from German, French and Welsh into English. Her published translations include a number of bestselling novels.