How many times your little ones couldn’t decide which animal they wanted? Mine everytime we leave home we had the same trouble, he wants to take everything! And then he loses it, of course!
Be prepared to discover the FlipaZoo World, an imagination-insipiring range of both plush and tactile playsets. Quirky, cuddly and loveable animal plush with a clever twists – “flip” your cow to see him transform into a pig!

I had the pleasure to discover a few products of the FlipaZoo range; but let’s start from the biggest one and most impressive; the 16 inch Plush!
These big and softie plushies are original and funny for any kid who wants a hug friend or a companion to take care whenever they need it. There are a lot of different characters to choose: Pig/Cow, White Unicorn/Green Dragon, Chocolate Lab/White Cat, Lavender Unicorn/Pink Dragon, Elephant/Tiger and Husky/Polar Bear. You can buy them here for £19.99.
I was really surprised of the size and the softness of the product, really it is perfect for the sad days and the moments you want to hug something! My little one is already taking them to adventures and talking to them! 😉

But don’t worry if you prefer something smaller for your little ones, there are 8 inch ones (not so small!) and they are as soft and cute as the big ones, I can assure you! You can buy them here for £9.99.

I love that the designs of the animals are different depending on the size. In the 8 inch you can choose between: Grizzly Bear/Alligator, Red Dragon/ Panda, Dolphin/Walrus or Seal/Penguin. We had the pleasure to play with the cute Grizzly Bear and Alligator and my son is fascinated by them! He is not used to see alligators but he loves them, so this is his favourite plush right now, it protects him at night. If you want to see the change in action, here is a GIF for you.

But if you prefer little things, don’t worry, the Flipazoo Mini Figures Multi Packs will be your favourite product on the FlipaZoo World range. They come in a pack of 4 little animals to discover and play; that will flip too! There are two different sets to collect; set A or set B, both of them will fit perfectly on the Flipazoo Flip Pods and Vehicles. These are suitable from 3 years, so be careful, they are quite small. I’ve tried them and it’s really easy to flip these little ones, there’s a hard and a soft part, seem quite sturdy to resist long playing hours. You can buy them here for £7.99.

There are a few things that I loved about the FipaZoo World, first is that no matter the gender or the age of your child, the animals are really cute and there’s a big range of animals to choose. You can have a pig, an alligator, a dragon… you simply have to let your child imagination flow and start their own adventures! The products are with high quality and there are so many different animals and sizes to choose that it will be difficult to choose only one!