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Witch, Please! by Sonia Lazo

Genre: Non Fiction
Source: Abrams And Chronicle
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

There’s more than one way to be a witch! Some witches harness the properties of herbs and crystals, and some craft their own spells and rituals for empowerment and success; some dress all in black, and some prefer a more colorful aesthetic. Author and illustrator Sonia Lazo celebrates the power and diversity of contemporary witches in this enchanting love letter to all things occult. Her charming illustrations offer an inclusive, body-positive message to modern mystics all over the world, reminding readers that anyone can tap into their inner magic―all you have to do is be true to yourself.

My Thoughts

Do you want to be a witch or want to know more about them?
Then you should take a look at this little compilation about what’s the real power in the witches world! Because you should know that’s not really the magic or the spells they can create but themselves!
Because if you really want to know what it means to be a witch here is a cute draw that will give you all the information you need…

There are some colorful and interesting facts about what it really means being a witch, their day to day or how the coven can be. Because this is not a manual on how to be a witch but a little encyclopedia to discover the most interesting things about them, even some interesting Witches on history…

I’ve always been curious about this magic world, to know if everyone is welcome and what it really means to be part of it. After reading Sonia Lazo’s little book I can assure you I am more interested than ever to be part of this amazing community, where everyone is welcome and there are not rules or don’ts, you simply have to be yourself.
This had been a really quick read, but so interesting, brave and I think it would be perfect for anyone interested in knowing more about witches. But don’t expect to learn how to do potions or enchantments, this is more an informative book to know if you are a witch, not how to be one!

About The Author

Sonia Lazo is a tropical witch form tiny El Salvador. Best known for her prints, accessories and apparel, her work has been featured on Buzzfeed, Adobe Create, Telemundo and more. This is her first book.