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We Met In December by by Rosie Curtis

Genre: Romance
Source: Avon
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

What if you couldn’t get away from the one who got away?
This December, unlucky-in-love Jess is following her dream and moving to Notting Hill. On the first night in her new house-share she meets Alex, the guy in the room next door. They don’t kiss under the mistletoe, but there’s still a spark that leaves Jess imagining how they might spend the year together – never mind the house rule against dating…
But when Jess returns from her Christmas holiday, she finds Alex has started seeing Emma, who lives on the floor above them. Now Jess faces a year of bumping into the man of her dreams – and, apparently, the woman of his.
Jess is determined to move on and spend the year falling in love with London, not Alex – but what if her heart has other ideas?

My Thoughts

This is a sweet love story; about change, friendship and never saying no to a dream.
This had been a really quick and delightful read; with some charming characters and a sweet love story that will transport you to the beautiful snowy Christmas.
The story is about Jess a woman that after having her life more or less in track decided to leave everything and move to a house with some friends and follow her dream to work at a publisher in London! She is starting to follow her dreams when she will meet Alex, the attraction seems to be there since the first moment, but their time together is not now, maybe not ever…!
I am sure you want to know what makes this story different; because the main story is not the love story between Jess and Alex but their stories; how both have changed their paths to follow their dreams, with ups and downs, of course. I really liked that neither Jess or Alex have a perfect life or want to be perfect, they simply want to be accepted for their choices and respected for them.
It was really interesting the paths they both took around London, Alex and Jess, they shared with the readers some original and secret places that I didn’t know, but I am sure I’ll visit them soon!
If you are looking to start you Christmas spirit soon this is your chance, this read has everything you need; friendship, happiness and love, of course.

About The Author

Rosie Curtis was born in the Highlands of Scotland, and now lives with her family in a 150 year old house by the sea in the north west of England. She loves travel, happy ever after stories, and daydreaming. Her favourite book character is a toss up between Anne Shirley and Jo March. Rosie also writes adult and teen fiction as Rachael Lucas.