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A Question Of Us by Mary Jayne Baker

Genre: Romance
Source: Aria
Rating: 4’5/5

About The Book

Two best friends. Eight pub quizzes. One shot at love…
There are some people who seem like they have all the answers in life. Clarrie Midwinter isn’t one of them.
At the age of 26, tomboy Clarrie is still struggling to become a ‘proper’ grown-up.
She’s eternally strapped for cash, she hasn’t had a date in nearly a year and her attempts to quit smoking tend to take a nosedive after the second pint. Most
annoyingly of all, her ladykiller best friend Simon just won’t stop asking her out. The only thing keeping her sane is her pub quiz team, the Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers.
But when Simon bets her a date their team will win the quiz league, Clarrie is forced to confront what she really wants out of
life and love. Is it finally time for her to grow up?

My Thoughts

This is a book of friendship, fear and quizzes! You just have to know the correct answers if you want to win the bet…
In the beginning of the story I was a little bit lost, because there’s no “official presentation” of the characters, you simply start being part of a friend’s meeting that are enjoying a quiz night. And don’t get me wrong, I loved the beginning, because it made you feel involved on the story and wanting to know more about them!
There’s a lot of chemistry between the two main characters of the story, Clarrie and Si, they have been friends since forever and they’ve always been joking about dating, but never done it. Now Si thinks it’s time, so he makes a bet, if they win the Quizz Championship she will have to go on a date with him… but are they ready to make this big step and change their relation forever? You’ll have to read the book to discover the answer. 😉
I’ll start saying that this is not an easy read with only happy moments; there are some serious threads talked in the story that make it more than a light read, something to make you think. But let me be honest, talking about abortion, infidelity and illness makes the book real and something you can relate to, perfection doesn’t exist and there’s never a relation without faults or some trouble, we are humans in the end, aren’t we?
I had some troubles with Clarissa’s situation, she is so afraid that she is ready to never be happy before risking the relation with her best friend, I can understand that she doesn’t have a family to trust or to confide, but sometimes her fears were too much!
I really liked this story, there are jokes, chemistry and love; a read to enjoy in every way with a good background and some relatable characters. I would recommend to anyone to try it, I am sure they will love it!

About The Author

Mary Jayne Baker grew up in rural West Yorkshire, right in the heart of Brontë country… and she’s still there. After graduating from Durham University with a
degree in English Literature, she dallied with living in cities including London, Nottingham and Cambridge, but eventually came back with her own romantic hero in tow to her beloved Dales, where she first started telling stories about heroines with flaws and the men who love them.