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Nightmare Scenario by Hazel Clarke

Genre: Young Adult
Source: Bookollective

About The Book

The rules for the Nightmare Scenario: 1. The player must complete the scenario to gain points and reach the next level. 2. The voices can help during the scenario. 3. The scenario will access the player’s fears. 4. The characters in the scenario can physically harm the player. 5. Once started, the scenario must be completed. Do you accept the scenario? Yes, or no? Eighteen-year-old Gracie Thrace has a secret. Four months ago she started to hear voices that force her to carry out frightening scenarios. With her father abroad and her relationship with her high-powered mother strained, Gracie has no one to turn to for solace. When a new voice called Kai materialises, Gracie finds herself attached to his kindness. Kai offers the support Gracie craves, but how can she possibly let herself fall for someone who isn’t real? Set in 2047 London, Nightmare Scenario is a complex and touching love story that explores the stigma around mental illness and offers a daunting prediction of the future where technology infiltrates every part of society.

My Thoughts

This is a very interesting book, it’s a young adult, yes, but it’s much more deeper than some adult books I’ve read!
It was not difficult to feel attracted to Gracie’s world, the story is centered in London on 2047, where technology controls everything, really it was not difficult imagining that could perfectly be our future; let’s be honest, a really scary one. There’s a point where we should ask ourselves if we control technology or technology is controlling us…
But this was not the important part of the story but mental health; it’s talked with a respectful way and making the reader feel the same as the characters, it was deep and emotional. I really like how step by step mental health is stopping being a tabu and it’s been included within the books theme, because it’s not easy to talk or to ask for help if everyone is scared of it. Schizophenia is a really scaring illness, difficult for the one that suffers it and the people surrounding them, not easy to control and always on the edge. Like most of the mental illness there’s no cure and the only way to control them is with heavy medication, but it’s time no one has to hide about their illness. This is something you can’t control and it’s time no one has to hide, no matter their illness, don’t you think?
I am sure you’ll enjoy this read, there’s a little bit of romance too, but I will not tell you anything more, enjoy the read without spoilers!

About The Author

Hazel Clarke started writing her debut novel, ‘Nightmare Scenario’, when she was 19 as a result of an assignment at university and due to her own struggles with mental health. She is autistic, and has had other mental health conditions since she was a teenager, including depression, anxiety, psychosis, and nightmare disorder.
She hasn’t let this hold her back, though, and she has completed a BA Degree and a Masters in Creative Writing as well as a Masters in Scriptwriting, and she is due to start a PhD this October, 9 days before her novel is released.
‘Nightmare Scenario’ is a young adult science-fiction romance novel set in London in 2047, and it’s about a girl who falls in love with one of the voices she hears inside her head. The novel was inspired by Hazel’s psychosis and the stigma that is still attached to this condition, as well as the too rapid development of technology.
When she isn’t writing, she plays video games, goes clothes shopping, learns Korean and Chinese, and listens to kpop. Her favourite group is Seventeen.