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The Wedding on Mistletoe Island by Sophie Pembroke

Genre: Romance
Source: Compulsive Reader

About The Book

The snow is falling, the guests have arrived and a whole decade of secrets are about to be revealed… Perfect for fans of Friends, The Wedding Date, Ali McNamara and Sue Moorcroft.
Welcome to Mistletoe Island, where dreams can come true…
The snow is falling and Fliss’s friends have arrived to celebrate her wedding for a week at Holly Cottage. It’s the perfect way to kick off her brand-new life, isn’t it?
Except Ruth wishes she was anywhere other than a remote Scottish island, Caitlin is keeping a secret from her friends, Lara is suddenly facing her ex a decade after turning down his proposal and even the bride has something to hide…
But as the friends prepare for a week to remember, will Fliss’s dream wedding go off without a hitch, or will the secrets they’ve been hiding change everything?

My Thoughts

If a wedding is not enough stressful for a bride, imagine a reunion with their friends!
Mistletoe Island is the perfect paradise to make a wedding, Fliss is getting married and has invited all her friends. They were at the same island 10 years ago, but now, after so long ago, for sure they have change, am I right? The relation between them will be tinted from the past events making their relation full of lies and secrets. Don’t worry, this is a sweet story, there will be no murder, only happy endings! 😉
The story is told between different characters sharing their opinions and thoughts with the reader and conditioning our perspective and emotions to them. Because the relation between the friends is the centre of the story, as blurred as it seems to be sometimes, is always there.
This is a romance story, but you’ll have some laughs thanks to the “mothers”, with their need to control the wedding and making everything “perfect”! After reading the problems that a wedding far from home can do, really I am happy that I married “home” and it was me who lived far away! Everyone was happy to see us and no one tried to add their drama on the wedding day! I think I would have left instead of trying to repair everyone…
This is a read to let your imagination be surrounded by snow, family, friends and love; because who can dream of a perfect wedding without their loved ones together full of white snow?
Ready for The Wedding on Mistletoe Island?

About The Author

Sophie Pembroke writes very British romance for Orion, Mills & Boon, Avon and HQ. She has been dreaming, reading and writing romance ever since she read her first Mills & Boon as part of her English Literature degree at Lancaster University, so getting to write romantic fiction for a living really is a dream come true!
Born in Abu Dhabi, Sophie grew up in Wales and now lives in a little Hertfordshire market town with her scientist husband, her incredibly imaginative ten-year-old daughter, and her adventurous, adorable little boy.
In Sophie’s world, happy is for ever after, everything stops for tea, and there’s always time for one more page…