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Moon and Me: The Little Seed by Andrew Davenport – Book Review

Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

Moon and Me: The Little Seed by Andrew Davenport

Genre: Picture Book
Source: Scholastic

About The Book

This brand-new story featuring Pepi Nana, Moon Baby and friends is the first in the range of Moon and Me: Storyland Adventures each featuring an episode of the brand new CBeebies show. Perfect to read aloud at bedtime, each charming adventure finishes with the toys getting ready to sleep before drifting off to dream land.
In this fully illustrated original gift book from Andy Davenport, readers will discover how Pepi Nana meets Moon Baby and all the toys wake up for an adventure.


My Thoughts

It’s never easy to put the little ones to bed when they are small, so many interesting things to do and play… Why they have to stop and go to bed? That’s why I always look for sweet and beautiful bedtime stories, to keep him happy at bedtime and to teach him something new everyday!
I am sure you know the television franchised Teletubbies and In the Night Garden, so now it comes Moon and Me, a new Cbeebies preschool show. It’s inspired by tales of toys that come to life when no one is looking, with a special friendship between Pepi Nana and Moon Baby.
I was quite surprised with all the interesting things I found inside the book; crafty ideas, songs and interesting facts to talk to your little ones. The illustrations are cute and colourful to interest the little ones and to make them want to know more about the Little Seed adventure between Pepi Nana and Moon Baby. This is a fantasy story but full of realistic situations that the little ones can relate to and feel represented on the story. That’s possibly why all the kids will fall in love quickly with these characters, some part real some fantasy will make them believe in magic!

I think this is a really beautiful book, for the bedtime routine or to read on the afternoon to your little ones. I am really surprised for all the extensive themes that talks and teaches the little ones, I am sure that kids and adults will love to discover the Moon and Me world.

There are two more books in the series; Tea Time and Goodnight, Moon Baby. But these two books are a little shorter than Moon and Me: The Little Seed and instead of having illustrations the images feel more real made with clay. There’s a sweet song in each book too, but the story is shorter, easier if your little one is starting to read!
I would highly recommend you to take a deepest look at this book series, you’ll have a nice surprise with them, and I am sure they will be perfect to start your bedtime routine today!


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