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Kim, Leon, and The Sky Path To Africa by Barnaby Allen – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

Kim, Leon, and The Sky Path To Africa by Barnaby Allen

Genre: Children Book
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Kim and Leon live on a farm in Suffolk, England. Kim is a schoolboy and Leon is his pet donkey. A rainy day encounter leads them on an adventure far away in Africa. Along the way there are dangers, and fears about who can be trusted. There is also the threatening presence of a slave ship, looming in the bay. Barnaby Allen was a teacher of English and history. In this historical fantasy he beautifully combines suspense with an immersion in history. This book comes with tasks of writing, acting and drawing. This is a simplified version of the original book. It suits especially ESL pupils. Happy reading!

My Thoughts

Can you imagine a donkey that can fly? Yes, Leon can fly and will take Kim to the adventure of his life to Africa; there will be dangers but don’t worry, Kim has the best companion to this trip, because Leon can talk too! Ready?
This is a really beautiful story, it is meant for children, but it can be a beautiful read for adults too. When a story is beautiful, it does not matter the age of who reads it, don’t you think?
The story is told like a poem, with short sentences and easy to read for the little ones. There are some activities at the end of the characters, they are really great to make the little one understand fully the story and make them the read a funnier thing!
I would recommend you to take a chance in this short story, it will take you to a fantastic journey, ready?

About The Author

Barnaby Allen was born in Suva Fiji, as his father was working there for the British Crown. He was introduced to literature by his mother, who liked to recite poetry and had a gift of telling engaging stories. As an adult Barnaby Allen worked in education in several countries mostly teaching English. He loved travel, classical music, discussions, current affairs, Pacific affairs, family, good food and board games. Barnaby’s children also had the benefit of Barnaby telling stories to them and making the characters come alive with acting out different roles.


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