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One Christmas Night by Hayley Webster

Genre: Mystery Fiction
Source: Compulsive Readers

About The Book

Nine lives. One street. And a secret behind every door.
Christmas is ruined on Newbury Street, Norwich.
Presents have been going missing from resident’s homes. There are rumours going around that it’s one of their own who’s been stealing from the neighbours. Festive spirit is being replaced with suspicion and the inhabitants of Newbury Street don’t know who to trust. The police presence isn’t helping matters, especially when they all have something to hide.
But Christmas is a time for miracles… and if they open themselves up to hope and look out for each other, they might discover the biggest miracle of all.

My Thoughts

Christmas is the moment of family and happiness, am I right? This is not what the people living at Newbury Street (Norwich) are having; someone is stealing their presents from their houses! The police is investigating the case, but it doesn’t seem to help to solve the mystery but putting the families more nervous; maybe it’s time they work together and solve the mystery? They all need their special Christmas night, don’t you think?
I love a good mystery but if the story is sweet with interesting characters you’ve already won me! Because the characters of these stories have all their own problems and secrets, don’t get fooled with the beautiful cover, this is much more than a “happy” Christmas story. The characters stories will melt your heart, you’ll love some of them maybe not so much others, but you’ll understand them and feel part of their community, they will become your family.
This is the perfect story to read when you need a mood lifting or Christmas happy ending (don’t get angry with me if you drop some tears too), because there will be drama, but in the end you’ll have a happy ending. Everyone deserves a happy Christmas Night in the end!
This is not a one story, but it’s full of small stories from all the neighbours at Newbury Street, every one will tell their story and how is related to the mystery. That’s possibly why I liked so much this book, it kept you wanting to know more about the characters and their plans for Christmas.
Ready for the one and only book you should read this Christmas?

About The Author

Hayley Webster is a writer and teacher who grew up in Newbury, Berkshire. Her first novel, Jar Baby, was published by Dexter Haven in 2012 and, as Hayley Scott, three books in her Teacup House series for emerging readers were published by Usborne in 2018. She has written for Grazia, The Observer Magazine, and did a sold-out event at Edinburgh festival in 2018, and she’s a mentor on the 2019 National Writers Centre Escalator scheme. She lives in Norfolk with her daughter.