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Woman in the Water by Katerina Diamond

Genre: Thriller
Source: Avon

About The Book

I’m alive. But I can’t be saved . . .
When a woman’s body is found submerged in icy water, police are shocked to find she is alive. But she won’t disclose her name, or what happened to her – even when a second body is discovered. And then she disappears from her hospital bed.
Detectives Adrian Miles and Imogen Grey follow their only lead to the home of the Corrigans, looking for answers. But the more they dig into the couple’s lives, the less they understand about them.
What’s their connection to the body in the river?
Why have other people they know been hurt, or vanished?
And can they discover the dark truth of their marriage before it’s too late?

My Thoughts

I’ll admit since the first moment that I love the stories of the detectives Adrian Miles and Imogen Grey, so maybe my review will be a little biased. There are some detectives that stole your heart since the first moment and for me Katerina Diamond’s characters are one of those! 😉
Because this is a disturbing and twisted story, not an easy read, let’s be honest, but be prepared for a very addictive and surprising read.
A woman appears almost dead in the water, with no memory at all and not really eager to help the police to discover who she really is. What is she hiding? When a body appears near where she was found the police start investigating both cases; are they related?
We will know who the killer is quite early on the book, but this doesn’t make the book less interesting or without twists, because with Katerina Diamond books you will never miss the twists.
I’ll have to advise you that this is the sixth book of the series, you can read it as standalone, yes, but you’ll miss the connections between the characters and how they are influenced by the cases. So, I would really recommend you to start the series from the beginning, they are worth every page.
There were some difficult scenes to read on this book, but the author, as always, has done an amazing work relating the most difficult situations and you’ll feel an extensive range of feelings while you read this book, not all of them good. But that’s why I love Ds Imogen Grey books, they always surprise me and keep me waiting for more!
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About The Author

Katerina is the author of the Sunday Times Best Selling Exeter based crime thriller series – starting with ‘The Teacher’ and followed by The Secret, The Angel, The Promise and Truth or Die Katerina is currently working on her seventh novel which is a standalone.
Katerina also runs the facebook book group CRIME SUSPECT with several other crime authors.
Katerina currently lives in East Kent. Katerina was born in Weston-super-Mare and has lived in various places since including Greece, Cyprus, Derby, East London and Exeter. Katerina watches way too much TV.