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You Can Change The World! – Everyday Teen Heroes Making a Difference Everywhere by Margaret Rooke – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

You Can Change The World! – Everyday Teen Heroes Making a Difference Everywhere by Margaret Rooke

Genre: Non-Fiction
Source: Random Things Tours

About The Book

**Joint Gold Winner of the Moonbeam Multicultural Non-Fiction Award 2019**
This inspirational book tells the stories of more than 50 of today’s teenagers who’ve dared to change the world they live in. It’s been written to show other teens they can do the same. Bestselling author Margaret Rooke asks teens about their experiences of being volunteers, social entrepreneurs and campaigners, online and beyond.
They explain how they have survived in a world often obsessed by celebrity, social media and appearance, by refusing to conform to other’s expectations.
If you want to achieve against the odds and create genuine impact, this book may be the encouragement you need. The interviews cover race, sexuality, violence, grief, neurodiversity, bullying and other issues central to life today.
Read about teens from around the world including:
– Trisha, 18, who has invented a way of preventing bullying online
– Dillon, 18, who takes damaged and donated clothing and upcycles it for the homeless
– Guro, 13, who persuaded a pop band to portray women differently in its video
– ‘Happy D’, 19, who learned to read at 14 and found ways to build his confidence
– Heraa, 19, who fights Islamophobia online.
– Ruben, 18, bullied because of Down’s Syndrome, now a successful actor
– Lucy who, at 14, walked into Tesco head office and persuaded them not to sell eggs from caged hens.
– Cameron, 17, who has cerebral palsy and was side-lined by soccer teams who set up his own team ‘Adversity
– Alex, 18, who broke his back on his 15th birthday and says his injury has taught him to care for others
– Amika, 18, who fights ‘Period Poverty’
– Jesse, 15, who’s seven feet tall and embraces his stature
– Billy, 18, who wore full make up every day at high school
A fantastic book that captures the work of young changemakers. Powerful and inspiring, a catalogue of real role models. It will make you want to chase your passion. After all what better cause is there?
Matteo Bergamini, CEO & Founder, Shout Out UK

My Thoughts

This is not an easy book to review, not because I didn’t like but there are so many powerful and interesting stories on it that I can’t share with you my opinion on all of them!
This is a book for young and adults; to share the young ones that they can do anything if they want to. And to the adults, to believe in our little ones’ dreams and power to change the world, because let’s be honest, if they want to, they will!
This is an inspiring book, you’ll love to read story by story, and maybe try to put your little seed in something too to change the world or at least your surroundings.
I think this is a book that this Christmas should be in anyone’s house, because we all should remember that the seed of change is always in our hands, we simply have to believe in it.
Ready to feel empowered?

About The Author

Margaret is an author and writer with a special interest in listening to people’s memories and getting them down on paper. Her latest book Creative, Successful, Dyslexic includes interviews with Darcey Bussell, David Bailey, Lord Richard Rogers, Zoe Wanamaker and others about their childhoods and beyond. She interviewed countless interesting personalities during her many years of magazine writing and believes everyone has a story to tell. Margaret is especially keen to preserve people’s memories for their children and grandchildren to value and enjoy.


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