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Snowball by Gregory Bastianelli – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

Snowball by Gregory Bastianelli

Genre: Horror
Source: Random Things Tours
Publisher: Flame Tree Press
Rating: 4’5/5

About The Book

A group of motorists become stranded on a lonely stretch of highway during a Christmas Eve blizzard and fight for survival against an unnatural force in the storm. The gathered survivors realize a tenuous connection among them means it may not be a coincidence that they all ended up on this highway. An attempt to seek help leads a few of the travelers to a house in the woods where a twisted toymaker with a mystical snow globe is hell bent on playing deadly games with a group of people just trying to get home for the holidays.

My Thoughts

I’ll start saying that I don’t read horror, never, so if you are an horror book lover and after reading it you don’t find it scary, sorry, I was so scared that I couldn’t read some of the parts! I’ll admit that I am an easy to scare woman and if in a movie there’s a scary part I hide behind the duvet! So I am really proud of myself to have read this book and loved it!
Snowball is a story around winter and tragic memories from the cold and iced winter… the worst memories you can remember! After one of the worst snow storms in New Hampshire during Christmas Eve some people are stranded on the highway. It could seem more or less normal, the problem will start when people start dying and some ‘weird’ things start to happen. They will discover that they have a connection, but how is it possible? It’s fate that they are all at the same place at the same moment and without any possibility to leave? Of course you’ll have to read the book if you want to know all the answers!
I liked how all the characters have a connection and their part on the story, it was reading a lot of stories inside one book, like a puzzle, where every part have a special position. Even the scary characters have a special part in it. I’ll have to admit that I would had loved to know more about each character and their stories, the eager to always know more, but I can understand that then the book would have 1000 pages!
There’s a very interesting moral at the chore of the story, that everything that happens throughout our lives will have a deep impact in who we will become, even a simple snowball fight… I always knew that everything makes who we become, but it’s interesting reading about it, a way to open our eyes on how we interact with the people on our surroundings no matter if they are friends or strangers.
I was so interested in how everything ended that I didn’t go to sleep till I finished the book, so don’t worry if you are not a fan of horror books, I am sure you’ll love this story! From now on you’ll only become scared of snow and snowmen… ;P
Ready to discover the Snowball?

About The Author

Gregory Bastianelli is the author of the novels Loonies and Jokers Club. His stories have appeared in the magazines Black Ink Horror, Sinister Tales and Beyond Centauri; the anthologies Night Terrors II, Cover of Darkness and Encounters;and the online magazines Absent Willow Review and Down in the Cellar. His novella The Lair of the Mole People appeared in the pulp anthology Men & Women of Mystery Vol. II.
He graduated from the University of New Hampshire where he studied writing under instructors Mark Smith, Thomas Williams and Theodore Weesner. He worked for nearly two decades atasmall daily newspaper where the highlights of his career were interviewing shock rocker Alice Cooperand B-movie icon Bruce Campbell.
He became enchanted with the stories of Ray Bradburyas ayoung child,and his love of horror grew with the likes of Richard Matheson, Robert Bloch, Stephen King and Ramsey Campbell.
He lives in Dover, NH, in a Colonial home built in the 1700s. He enjoys kayaking, hiking and bicycling in the summerand snowshoeing and racquetball in the winter. Along with spending time with family, he enjoys traveling, especially to Italy where he has visited his ancestral home and relatives residing there and hiked the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast and to the top of Mt. Vesuvius.


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