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A Country Dilemma by Sasha Morgan – Blog Tour + Guest Post

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

A Country Dilemma by Sasha Morgan

Genre: Romance
Publisher: Aria

About The Book

For Christie Newbury, moving to the Cotswolds as the new owner of The Templar, a quaint countryside inn, was supposed to be a dream come true. But then her husband drops a bombshell that turns her life upside down.
Architect Daniel James has just one month to find the perfect home. When his search takes him to the village of Treweham, his instant attraction to the Templar’s beautiful –and newly single– owner is a distraction he can’t afford.
Christie needs an expert’s eye. Daniel needs a place to stay. It’s only a business deal – but it has never been more tempting to mix business with pleasure…
Welcome back to Treweham, a village of scandal and secrets.

My Thoughts

I always love the books with a sweet neighborhood and different characters to understand the community relation; so, if you are looking for a romance book with a beautiful landscape this is your book.
I’ll advise you from the beginning that this book is crowded with characters, there are a lot! So, maybe it’s a little bit difficult to follow the story in the beginning, but this makes the book more different and original, because all of the characters are connected with Megan and Tobias and they all will share their little part in the story to make it more real and original.
When Megan and Tobias inherited the Treweham Hall they didn’t expect that their lives would change so much, they are surrounded by family and new friends full of secrets, lies, romance and chemistry that will make them fall in the Treweham Hall net and don’t want to leave again!
I was surprised with how the story is told, so many characters! But it works, they all have their little piece on the story, because even if there are two main characters the other ones are interesting too! I thought sometimes that all the characters felt too perfect, but sometimes that’s what you are looking for in a book, how couples after their “fights” they have a happy ever after, with no worries and problems.
This is the first book I’ve read by Sasha Morgan but I can assure you it will not be the last one! 😉
Ready to enter to “A Country Scandal”?


Dermot O’Grady rubbed his hands together and surveyed The Templar. He’d arranged to have the pub thoroughly cleaned before proudly handing it over to the new owners. His eyes took in the freshly scrubbed stone floor, the large inglenook fire twinkling warmly, the rustic wooden tables with mismatched chairs and the clean, whitewashed lime walls. The lighting was subtle, creating a snug, intimate atmosphere. The Templar was a sixteenth- century former coach inn, oozing with character, and had been home to Dermot and his daughter, Finula, for over twenty years. Now it was to be someone else’s home.
On meeting the young couple, Dermot had recognised the same enthusiasm he had once felt whilst being shown round the pub. They, like him all those years ago, had instantly fallen in love with its history and charm. It was hard not to be enticed by its squeaky, uneven floorboards, old stone walls, beamed ceilings and open fires. A huge vase of fresh lilies stood on the bar next to a bucket of ice chilling a bottle of champagne, ready to be opened in celebration.
Stephen and Christie Newbury, the soon-to-be new owners, would be arriving any moment. Dermot couldn’t help but feel a touch emotional about handing over the keys to his pub, but was at the same time glad it was in safe hands, and not about to be taken over by a large brewery, which would no doubt rip out the heart and soul of the place. He’d witnessed first-hand how excited the Newburys appeared as they explored each room, discussing every nook and cranny of the place with eagerness. It felt right to be passing on The Templar to such young, vibrant people, ready to make a go of it.
Dermot had agreed to sell The Templar on the condition it would still host his daughter’s wedding and he would oversee all the arrangements. The Newburys were more than happy to agree to this, glad of the opportunity to learn the ropes from his valued experience. And he too had a new chapter in his life to look forward to. His comfy little cottage stood invitingly, waiting for him to enjoy the autumn of his life.
His retirement was well earned and past due. Being landlord of a pub was heavy, relentless work and Dermot fully intended to embrace every minute of his retiring years. Besides, The Templar wasn’t the same without Finula; he was ready to move on. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud knock at the door. It was mid-morning and the pub wouldn’t be opening until afternoon lunches were due to be served. Rubbing his hands together again, Dermot gave the room one last check before striding to answer. He unbolted the large, oak door and pushed it open with a bright, welcoming smile–only to be greeted by a woman standing there, alone and on the verge of tears. Dermot halted.
‘Mrs Newbury?’ He hardly recognised her. Gone was the fresh-faced young lady who was brimming with enthusiasm to get into The Templar. Instead a pale face, with bloodshot eyes stared back at him soberly.
‘Yes.’ She bit her lip nervously.

About The Author

Sasha lives in a rural, coastal village in Lancashire with her husband and Labrador dog. She has always written stories from a very young age and finds her fictional
world so much more exciting than the real one.


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