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Deep State by Chris Hauty

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Source: Random Things Tour
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About The Book

Hayley Chill isn’t your typical West Wing intern. Ex-military and as patriotic as she is principled, she is largely vilified by her peers and lauded by her superiors – it’s a quick way of making enemies. It is Hayley who finds the body of the White House chief of staff, Peter Hall, on his kitchen floor having died from an apparent heart attack. It is also Hayley who notices a single clue which suggests his death was deliberate, targeted. That he was assassinated.
Unsure who to trust, Hayley works alone to uncover a wide-ranging conspiracy that controls the furthest reaches of the government. And Hall is just the beginning – the president is the next target.
Hayley must now do the impossible: stop an assassination, when she has no idea who the enemy is, all while staying hidden, with Peter’s final words to her ringing in her ears: Trust no one. Because the Deep State will kill to silence her. And they are closing in.

My Thoughts

I am always scared to read political thrillers, mainly because of the political charge and risk of boredom, but don’t worry, this is not the case. Deep State is a fast-paced thriller with a brave and intelligent main character who will try to keep the peace no matter what.
This is a book that either if you like politics or not you’ll be addicted since the first moment, the characters and the plot are well described with multiple twists to entertain any reluctant reader, don’t doubt it!
Hayley Chill is the perfect agent that any president would want on their side, she wants to discover if someone wants to kill the president, but she doesn’t know who to trust or ask for help. I think that’s why I liked so much this story, the action is not only for men, now is the turn for women to move the world and discover the lies and truths inside one of the most famous governments in the world!
Without making spoilers I’ll say that I liked the twists in the end of the story, as I always say, no matter if you like or not the story, the end will be the thing that will persist with you, and this one left me totally surprised!
If you are wondering, this is a standalone story, so don’t worry, this is the only book you’ll have to read to enjoy this addictive book. Deep State is the book you have to read this month, you’ll love it, I am sure!

About The Author

Chris Hauty is a screenwriter who has worked at all the major movie studios, in nearly every genre of film. He currently lives in Venice, California, in the company of a classic Triumph motorcycle and a feral cat. Deep State is his first novel.