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The Second Wife by Rebecca Fleet

Genre: Crime
Publisher: DoubleDay
Source: Random Things Tour

About The Book

Everyone brings baggage to a new relationship.
When Alex met Natalie she changed his life. After the tragic death of his first wife, which left him a single parent to teenage daughter Jade, he’s determined to build a happy family.
But his new-found happiness is shattered when the family home is gutted by fire and his loyalties are unexpectedly tested. Jade insists she saw a man in the house on the night of the fire; Natalie denies any knowledge of such an intruder.
Alex is faced with an impossible choice: to believe his wife or his daughter? And as Natalie’s story unravels, Alex realises that his wife has a past he had no idea about, a past that might yet catch up with her.
But this time, the past could be deadly . . .

My Thoughts

Ohh, how I love discovering lies and twists in a family story, they make the life much more interesting, don’t you think?
This is the story of Alex and Natalie, they are married, but this is not Alex’s first marriage, his first wife died a while ago and he has a daughter, Jade, from it. When Natalie and Jade are involved in a fire in which the only one who is trapped inside the house is Natalie, Alex starts to distrust his wife and asks questions around the man that Jade saw in the house before the fire.
This is a twisted and intriguing story, told between the present and the past of the two main characters, because as you know, who we are is a reflection of our past, so, what are these characters hiding that could end in a house burning and almost ending the life of a child? As you can suppose there will be really dark secrets to discover! But at the same time I didn’t feel for the characters, I was scared for Jade, but neither Alex or Natalie had my sympathy, maybe I’ve read so many crime books that I am a lie detector? I could understand the difficult situation of Alex having to decide who to trust, his wife or his daughter, but let’s be honest, I would always trust my children, they don’t have a motive to lie, on the other side, my partner has a past that I don’t know anything!
The Second Wife is a book to enjoy while you try to discover what lies below the lies, a slow burning psychological thriller that will not let you down, believe me. Ready?

About The Author

Rebecca Fleet lives and works in London. The House Swap was her debut thriller and her second, The Second Wife, will follow in 2020.
Rebecca’s second thriller examines love, loyalty and trust in a family torn apart by tragedy. It marries all of the suspense, tension and compulsion of the best psychological thrillers with a powerful, emotional portrait of our closest relationships.