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Dark Corners by Darren O’Sullivan – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

Dark Corners by Darren O’Sullivan

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: HQ Stories

About The Book

You thought you’d escaped your past
It’s been twenty years since Neve’s best friend Chloe went missing. Neve has never recovered and promised herself she’d never go back to that place.
But secrets can come back to haunt you
When Neve receives news that her first boyfriend Jamie has gone missing, she’s forced to return. Jamie has vanished without a trace in a disappearance that echoes the events of all those years ago. Somebody is watching and will stop at nothing until the truth about what took place that night is revealed …

My Thoughts

Leaving your natal city is not always something you choose; if you don’t believe me, you’ll have to take a deep look at Neve’s story. She left to forget her friend’s disappearance, sadly now after 20 years her first boyfriend has disappeared the same way… maybe it’s time to return to the roots and face her fears. Ready?
I always love a twisted story with dark secrets, so this was a win-win for me! It’s not difficult to predict that someone near Neve knows something more that they are letting on, so you only have to start guessing who could be and why… And let’s be honest, these are my favourite type of books, knowing that there’s someone that is not telling the truth but guessing the motive.
The story is told between the present and the past, but it’s really easy to follow and to feel part of the plot, the need to know more about the story possibly will keep you reading for a few hours, but this is one of the side effects of a good book, don’t you think?
Darren O’Sullivan loves to create detailed thrillers that they feel real and full of surprising twists, making the reader to always enjoy the adventure. In this case, be prepared for some dark scenes… the title of the book will fit perfectly with the plot, don’t be surprised if you check the dark corners at your home for a couple of days after reading the book… as I said, these are only the side effects of a good book!

About The Author

Darren O’Sullivan is the author of #1 bestsellers, OUR LITTLE SECRET, CLOSE YOUR EYES and CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. His latest, DARK CORNERS is coming April 2020.
When Darren isn’t writing, he is usually rolling around on the floor, pretending to be a pirate with his 4 year old.

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