Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

Harry Potter Origami

Genre: Crafts
Publisher: Scholastic


I can’t hide that I am a big fan of Harry Potter, so when I saw a book to make some of the famous Harry Potter objects with origami, I couldn’t resist to buy it…!
The book has 15 detailed and famous objects that appear on the famous movies, be prepared to recognize all of them and learn how to make them! 😉
The instructions are easy to follow with complete details and colours, explaining well how to do the origami pieces. However, this is not the only thing that I loved about the book, it has some photos of the movies and some curious details of the origami pieces. Of course there are some papers at the back of the book to help you create your origami art, you’ll only need some patience to be successful on your creations!

I had tried to do the Animagus, the tabby cat that Professor McGonagall transformed on the first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone…

As you can see on the GIF I was not very successful with it, but let’s admit it, with a little one talking and touching everything is not easy to concentrate!
This was not the only thing I tried, and unluckily I wasn’t successful either with the chocolate frog…

But, for me it was not the final piece but the relaxing process of making the piece. My mind was able to disconnect from the craziness we are living these days doing some crafts and it was a success. For a while it was only me, the paper and my son talking without anything interrupting us. This is the perfect book to enjoy, play and look; it doesn’t matter if you are a big fan of Harry Potter or simply want to learn to do origami, this book will entertain you for hours! You’ll use the printed papers, of course, but you can always create them with other papers!