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The Fallout by Rebecca Thornton – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

The Fallout by Rebecca Thornton

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Harper Collins
Source: Random Things Tours

About The Book

At the school gates, there’s no such thing as yesterday’s news . . .
When Liza’s little boy has an accident at the local health club, it’s all anyone can talk about.
Was nobody watching him?
Where was his mother?
Who’s to blame?
The rumours, the finger-pointing, the whispers – they’re everywhere. And Liza’s best friend, Sarah, desperately needs it to stop.
Because Sarah was there when it happened. It was all her fault. And if she’s caught out on the lie, everything will fall apart.

My Thoughts

Motherhood is difficult, very difficult; but I am not alluding the way you treat/teach your children, but all the other things that come with them: the school, the mother’s friendship, the stress, the white lies…
This is a story of three mums, Liza, Sarah and Lisa, they started their friendship a long time ago, but now they will change forever. When an accident happens at The Vale Club involving one of the kids they will change forever. They will have to decide what weights more in their lives, the truth or their friendship.
This is a fiction book, the “accident” is pure invention, but not the pressure that surrounds the mothers, this is real. I totally understood their situation and pressure, the lies and secrets that they keep and will protect as much as they can. I am sure that any mother would feel a little relieved to read that they are not alone in their nightmares knowing that this happens all the time!
This had been a very addictive and real story; I loved the mama’s chatting group; that’s why I always wonder why I don’t leave them; gossip and bad feelings are always present!
This is a book that will easy engage you to the story, quick to read and easy to feel and understand the story; you will not like all the characters, but this is not the point of the story. It aims to make you feel their emotions and be addicted to the book and let’s admit it, I am sure you’ll love it!
Ready to discover The Fallout?

About The Author

Rebecca Thornton is an alumna of the Faber Academy Writing A Novel course, where she was tutored by Esther Freud and Tim Lott. Her writing has been published in The Guardian, You Magazine, Daily Mail, Prospect Magazine and The Sunday People amongst others. She has reported from the Middle East, Kosovo and the UK. She now lives in West London with her husband and two children. The Fallout is her third novel.

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