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Breaker by Annemarie Allan – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

Breaker by Annemarie Allan

Genre: Children Adventure
Publisher: Cranachan
Source: Love Books Group
Rating: 4/5

About the Book

An environmental disaster. An undersea adventure.
Tom and Beth are not happy when they move to Scotland and find themselves facing a rainy, windswept beach, a house that’s falling to pieces, and a school full of strangers.
But when an oil tanker crashes into the Bass Rock, their small seaside town is shaken to its core and Tom and Beth suddenly find themselves in a race to rescue the local sea life and save their new community from environmental catastrophe…

My Thoughts

Before I start talking about the plot of the book, let’s talk a little about the beautiful cover, detailed and with so many interesting elements to observe and enjoy that I couldn’t wait to dig in the story to know more about it! There’s another detail that I loved, on every chapter there’s a little sea creature illustrated, I would have loved to know the “scientific name” of them or a little bit of information of what type of sea creatures they were, but this is just because I love the sea and I always want to know more about the creatures living there!
Now let’s talk a little about the story which I loved, it’s original and makes any reader wanting to know more about the sea and how to help our planet. This book is aimed for kids, but I really enjoyed the story, the adventures and twists, so don’t let the age be a barrier and take a chance on Breaker, I can assure you’ll love it!
I liked the connection between the two main characters, brother and sister, who have their own friends and hobbies but in the moment of truth they cover and respect each other. Even if they have moved to a new place and house they are eager for adventures, I hope all the young kids are so involved in helping our planet and the nature! I am sure that after reading this book I’ll try to make my little one more interested in the environment and how to change the world. Because this is what this book makes, it tries to change the world with something small but that for sure will help a lot if we all do our little part.
I really hope that this is just the first book of a series, I think the Professor has a lot to teach us and there are so many interesting characters in the plot that I really can’t wait to discover more of them.
If you are looking for an adventure, no matter your age, this is the only book you should read, short and full of surprises and interesting facts, it will make you see the world with new eyes. Ready?

About The Author

Annemarie Allan’s first published novel, Hox, won the 2007 Kelpies Prize and was shortlisted for both the Scottish Children’s Book of the Year and the Heart of Hawick book awards. Her third novel, Ushig, a fantasy based on Scottish myths and legends, was shortlisted for the 2011 Essex Children’s Book Award.
She writes for both adults and children and her novels and short stories range from fantasy and science fiction to historical and contemporary fiction, taking their inspiration from the landscape and culture of Scotland, both past and present. Annemarie lives in Prestonpans, near Edinburgh.

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