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The Scoop by Cat Walker – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

The Scoop by Cat Walker

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: RedDoor Press

About The Book

Casey Jones’s life is a mess. Her job bores her, her parents confuse her, and she has repeated nightmares about her ex-girlfriend. In a moment of madness she packs in her job and plans an adventure with her schoolfriend, long-time lad Danny. What she didn’t plan for was an extra passenger, in the shape of Danny’s estranged twelve-year-old son, Ari, who has problems of his own.
The three of them are thrown together for an intense rollercoaster ride in Alice a converted bright pink ice cream van through some of the most beautiful and dangerous places in the world, from Tulse Hill to Tibet.

My Thoughts

These days it seems that my mind loves to travel, new places and interesting characters are the only thing that makes my mind disconnect and relax, and this was the perfect hit! The book describes the adventure of some friends in a self discovery trip around the world. Of course the trip will not be peaceful, two friends that haven’t seen each other for years decide to travel together with an extra passenger, a twelve-year-old boy.
This is a human story, with real problems and situations, I am sure that not everyone will take an ice-cream van and take a tour around the world, but we will feel identified with the characters’ situations and problems, with a little bit of humor and tenderness to make it more addictive and compelling!
Casey, the main character, is on a crucial moment of her life, boredom seems to fill her life and decided to take a trip of self exploration. And Danny, after so many years without contact decided to go with her, they are a strange couple (not romantically but emotionally) but they seem to fit in the moments of need. Will both of them have the answers they were searching at the beginning of the trip? Ari, the extra passenger, will be maybe the one to help both discover their needs but at the same time will be a rollercoaster for him too. Because, even if we don’t think about it, the youngest ones, sometimes are the most intelligent!
The Scoop is a mix-up of emotions, facts and intelligence, a read that will keep your mind occupied in these strange days, ready?

About the Author

Cat Walker was born and raised in the sunny seaside town of Scarborough in North Yorkshire. She is a grown up eternal student, with many and various jobs under her belt, and a passion for travel which has seen her wandering the globe in search of the truth.
The Scoop is her debut novel. Cat currently lives in Brighton with her wife and baby son.
Cat Walker is not having a mid-life crisis!


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