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Stefano The Squid: Hero Of The Deep by Wendy Meddour and Duncan Beedie

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

Stefano The Squid: Hero Of The Deep by Wendy Meddour and Duncan Beedie

Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Little Tiger

About The Book

It’s lights, camera, ACTION under the sea, but Stefano the Squid is having a wobble. All the other creatures seem far more amazing – no wonder the Deep Sea TV team don’t notice him. But when disaster strikes, Stefano steps up! Can one ordinary squid save the day?


My Thoughts

How many times in your life you compare yourself to others? You are not tall enough, not blond enough, not strong enough… That’s why Stefano The Squid will teach you how to be proud of yourself!
I am surprised with how the writers and illustrators of picture books can share and teach so many things with just a few pages and some amazing illustrations, they create magic with so little! This is not a twisted book, there’s Stefano and his sadness of not being good enough to be filmed like all his friends. He thinks as himself as a “common” squid, sure there’s nothing special on him… or there is and never thought about it?
This is a book I think all kids should read/or be read at least once a month, because sometimes us (parents) don’t say enough how proud we are of our little heroes. They don’t need a mask or a cape, but they always make us smile in our worst moments and say the perfect thing when we need them. That’s possibly why I loved so much this book, the story is told in an way that the reader, without noticing, will be smiling since the beginning. I’ll admit that the funny faces of the fishes and their “special” powers will help too; who doesn’t love a starfish with sunglasses or some dancing shells? That’s the power of Stefano’s world, that when you are sad you’ll find the power to be happy.
The illustrations are so colourful and smiley that you want to be part of this squad and help Stefano believe in himself! But don’t worry, he will save himself, as any hero would do!
Ready to show anyone how to be Stefano the Squid? 😉

About the Author

Wendy Meddour was brought up in the seaside town of Aberystwyth. She loved the sea, but she loved books even more, so she left the seaside to study. After getting her doctorate, Wendy went to teach English Literature at Oxford University. But now she’s got the best of both worlds. She lectures, writes and reads her books at a university near the seaside in Devon.

About the Illustrator

Duncan has been drawing and doodling since childhood, sprawled out on his parent’s living room carpet with felt tip in fist. He now sits upright to draw from his studio in Bristol, where he lives with his wife, daughter and demanding springer spaniel.

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