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The Way Back by Jamie Fewery – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

The Way Back by Jamie Fewery

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Orion

About The Book

The Cadogan children haven’t spoken to each other for three years. But their father, Gerry, has a plan to bring them together. To scatter his ashes, they must first drive his old camper van up to Scotland…
For the trip, Gerry has provided them with three family photo albums and a bottle of single malt whisky.
But will the journey help banish their ghosts and turn them back into a family? Or will it show them exactly why they’ve stayed apart for so long?

My Thoughts

Making a trip with your brothers/sisters could be something amazing or horrible, depending on the terms you are with them. Jessica, Kirsty and Patrick have not been talking with each other for the last 3 years, now they will have to take a trip together… The ending will only depend on them… ready?
This had been a very interesting read, full of real problems and touching situations that will make any reader re-think the relations with their loved ones. Possibly that’s why I couldn’t stop reading this book, how many times have you had an argument with someone you love and never cleared totally the air? Maybe the trick of Gerry to lock all his children in a van is not the best way, but I think it’s not a bad one! Sometimes I would like to be able to do the same with my family, maybe this way some things would be cleared out at least…
The Way Back is a trip, but not only for the main characters who have to face their past ghosts and decide what to do now, it is also a way to show to the reader that no matter which is the problem the best way to make peace is always to talk about it. Maybe the “result” is not perfect, but you won’t have bad feelings about it ever again.
I really liked this book; deep, touching and human, something we always need to remember sometimes, we are not alone in this world!
Ready for “The Way Back”?

About The Author

Jamie Fewery is an author, journalist and copywriter. He has written for the Daily Telegraph, Five Dials and Wired, and works for a London-based marketing and creative agency. He lives in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire with his wife and son. Our Life in a Day is his first novel; his second, The Way Back, is out in December 2019


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