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Gina’s Therapy by Silvia Sbaraini – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

Gina’s Therapy by Silvia Sbaraini

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Mercier Press
Source: Love Books Group

About The Book

Gina has enough to deal with for one week: a disapproving daughter, her ex-psychotherapist living next door and a hopeless ex-husband she’s still in love with. Without a diagnosis of cancer. Catapulted into the unknown territory of surgery, chemo and support groups, Gina faces her predicament with strength, wit and a faithful pair of elasticated-waist trousers. As treatment progresses, Gina finds herself asking surprising questions. Will she ever be able to concentrate on what her oncologist is saying, without being distracted by his enormous moustache? Should her best friend’s thirty-year love of David Essex prevent her advice from being taken seriously? And how will she explain her bald bonce to her seven-year-old granddaughter?

My Thoughts

Sometimes, in the worst moments of our life, the only way to keep walking is to stop taking things so seriously, simply taking day by day and don’t stress about the things that we can’t control.
This is Gina’s Therapy, as you can imagine her life is full, with so many family and friends with their own problems that the last thing that she needs in her life is a cancer diagnosis. But, she is brave, she takes things with a smile and is not ready to stop fighting.
This is a book with a difficult situation but told with humour and freshness that will make you laugh and be part of Gina’s circle, not only a reader but part of her life.
I am always scared of reading books with cancer diagnosis, this is something that I lived first hand and without a happy ending; but what I can say is that she was like Gina, brave and always trying to take care of the loved ones. For me this story had a bittersweetness, showing how this illness affects not only the patient but everyone around them, because the fight is not only with the body but with the emotions/feelings too; the happiness to know that everyone help and share their love is the best positive feeling you can imagine.
Gina’s Therapy is not a sad story, is a way to show everyone that even in the worst moments you have to remember to laugh and be happy, we only live once, so enjoy every minute like is the last one!

About The Author

Silvia has a background in academia and social science research and was a freelance editorial script advisor for children’s television for a number of years. Her debut novel, Your Move, was published in 2017.  Silvia has an MA in Creative Writing and teaches at the Open University. She was born in Italy, but brought up on the south coast of England by her mother and grand-mother. She has two daughters, two step-daughters and three granddaughters. With an abundance of women and girls in her life, it’s not surprising that female relationships, family, love and friendship are frequently the focus of Silvia’s writing.


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