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Daisy Cooper’s Rules for Living by Tamsin Keily – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

Daisy Cooper’s Rules for Living by Tamsin Keily

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Orion

About The Book

Daisy Cooper’s life has been pretty uneventful – until the moment it suddenly ends. Unfortunately, her death is (literally) an accident: Daisy wasn’t meant to die for another fifty years. One terrible, embarrassing clerical error is behind it – and Death himself is to blame.
As Daisy battles against her new reality, she starts to learn that letting go isn’t just a challenge faced by those left behind. And while she learns how to survive this impossible new reality, friendship, hope and even love begin to come alive in the most unexpected ways.
For Daisy Cooper, death was the perfect time to start making sense of life…

My Thoughts

Some people would say that everyone has an expiration date, no matter your choices in life, your death date was sealed from the moment you were born… But, what would happen if Death commits a little mistake and you die 50 years before your date?
This is the story of Daisy Cooper, she is a young woman with a long life until death makes a “little” mistake and kills her before her time. What will Daisy donnow? She will be the new assistant of death, but don’t worry, she will have an ally with this difficult job, Violet, who will make the story more powerful and special. Of course this will be a curious job, deep and tearful at the same time, showing the reader how people who pass away has to accept their fate.
This had been a really curious read, be prepared to drop a tear or two… but at the same time it had been a beautiful story, there’s happiness, love, sadness… Because death, even if it’s scary and dark makes that anyone has to try to keep the good memories and emotions with the loved ones, and will make the reader remember the good memories in their life.
I was surprised with the little “rules” at the beginning of each chapter, that’s the title of the book, and I loved them, we all should have them in our life!
This is a book to talk and think about, a bittersweet story packed with deep emotions and beautiful thoughts, possibly after reading it you’ll need a walk, but this is what a powerful book makes, to keep you thinking about it after the last page!
Ready to discover “The Daisy Cooper’s Rules for Living”?

About The Author

Tamsin learnt to love writing from an early age, thanks to her mum, and hasn’t stopped since. In between filling notebooks with stories, she studied Psychology at Durham University, then trained as a primary school teacher at Bath Spa University.
She now lives in leafy Berkshire with her husband and two cats. When she’s not wrangling a classroom of five year olds into knowing their phonics (otherwise known as teaching), she likes nothing more than tapping loudly on her laptop until it makes a story, while singing show tunes in the wrong key.
Daisy Cooper’s Rules for Living is Tamsin’s first novel.


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