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Rocket Boy by Katie Jennings and Joe Lillington

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

Rocket Boy by

Katie Jennings and Joe Lillington

Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Stripes Publishing

About The Book

Did you know that the sky on Mars is red? Callum Grant does – and he knows a whole lot more about the solar system too. But he doesn’t know what it would be like to see a Martian sunset with his own eyes. Until one day Callum sets off on an adventure unlike any other…

My Thoughts

First of all let’s talk about the beautiful design of this book, the illustration is so beautiful that it makes me want to hang it like a painting! And the cover has a fabric texture, I love it! All the illustrations of this book are detailed and full of colour. The expressions of the characters are realistic and funny, making the story more beautiful and attractive for kids (and adults!) The story is so realistic that it was like reading my mornings but in a book! But instead of taking a trip to the space with a rocket it’s a trip around the world with a plane! Possibly that’s why my son and I loved so much this book, it is like taking the trip he always want to do but with me as a narrator and full of details and colours. I can not forget to talk about Oscar, the noisy but funny cat that will accompany Callum on his trip. This is a story to fly and show our little ones that imagination can take you anywhere and with some simple things you can fly to space whenever you want! The “Rocket Boy” is a beautiful book that will stay with us for a long time; easy to read and full of adventures I am sure that you can’t stop re-reading many times.

About The Authors

Katie Jennings has worked in children’s publishing for many years, and is now Commissioning Editor at Stripes Publishing. She lives in London.

Born in London and now based in Bristol, Joe Lillington graduated from University College Falmouth in 2014 and since leaving has had two titles published by Flying Eye Books, TOBY AND THE ICE GIANTS and NEFFY AND THE FEATHERED DINOSAURS.

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