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The Pirate and R by Daniele Forni – Blog Tour

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

The Pirate and R by Daniele Forni

Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Clink Street
Source: Faye Rogers

About The Book

The Pirate and R is a simple introduction to the statistical software R, specifically aimed at future data scientists.




My Thoughts

This is not the typical book to read, this one is to think and learn with it! Perfect for young and adults, it will surprise you, for sure. It’s not easy to learn coding, but this book and the program associate with it will allow to any new learner an easy understanding of the basic commands for coding. Inside the book you will find the commands you can use. To make it more understandable, the commands are colored and with examples and explanations to make any reader want to try it and discover that something that always thought it was difficult, it’s not! You’ll have to download a program to use (there’s the link inside the book, don’t worry!) Again there are all the steps you have to follow to make it easy for anyone. I really liked to play with this book with my son (and by myself!), I really hope there will be more on this series with different stories and more commands to learn! Ready to enter “The Pirate and R” world?

About The Author

Daniele Forni works as a data scientist and risk manager in banking in London. He has degrees in Economics, International Relations and Languages (English and Mandarin) from universities in the UK and Italy. He has been working in finance for 10 years in Italy, China and the UK. As a data scientist, he is a keen innovation, data and coding enthusiast, and he loves spreading his passions to the younger generations through books and talks. He lives in East London with his beautiful wife and lovely daughter.

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