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The Colours by Juliet Bates – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

The Colours by Juliet Bates

Genre: Fiction
Source: Random Things Tours
Publisher: Fleet Publishing

About The Book

Ellen sees the world differently from everyone else, but living in a tiny town in the north-east of England, in a world on the cusp of war, no one has time for an orphaned girl who seems a little strange.
When she is taken in to look after a rich, elderly widow all seems to be going better, despite the musty curtains and her aging employer completely out of touch with the world.
But pregnancy out of wedlock spoils all this, and Ellen is unable to cope.
How will Jack, her son, survive – alone in the world as his mother was?
Can they eventually find their way back to each other?

My Thoughts

There are some books that it doesn’t matter the plot, the cover is so intriguing and precious that you only want to look at it forever. This is what happened to me with this book. I wanted to be part of the blog tour before I read the plot, it catch my eye all the layers and emotions that the picture transmits. And I’ll say that I wouldn’t choose any other cover for this book, all the feelings that instill the paint were the same of the story; loneliness, bravery, change… Ready to discover the colours?
This is a bittersweet story, so real and powerful that sometimes you just need to take a breath to process all you’ve read. This is the story of Ellen and her son Jack, she has synesthesia, an illness that relates hearing in color and reading colors into words, while Jack’s life is painting, he is an artist. You can see the connection, can you? They had been separated for a long time, now you’ll read their stories and discover the truth.
It was so amazing that with the use of the descriptive prose, the reader is able to understand synesthesia and feel the emotions of the characters on their own skin. I can assure you that this story will be in my heart for a long time.
Be prepared to know what’s really living with Colours.

About The Book

Juliet Bates studied art and art history in Bristol, Birmingham and Strasbourg, and has since lectured at graduate and post graduate levels.
She moved to France in 2000 to a post as professeur at the Ecole régionale des beaux-arts Caen la mer. She has published a number of short stories in British and Canadian literary journals.

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