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The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker – Blog Tour

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The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker

Genre: Romance

About The Book

Robyn Bloom thought Ash Barnes was the love of her life–until one day he announced he was leaving her to fly halfway across the world.
Months later, Robyn is struggling to move on–but then she has a brainwave: The Never Have I Ever Club. Her handsome next-door neighbour Will helps her bring their fellow Yorkshire villagers together for some carpe-diem-inspired fun.
From burlesque dancing to Swedish massages, everyone has plenty of bucket-list activities to try, but it doesn’t take long for Robyn to realise what –or who– her heart truly desires: Will.
There’s just one problem: he’s Ash’s twin brother.
Make that two problems: Ash is moving home… and he wants Robyn back.


Robyn was trying to occupy her mind with the granny square blanket she was crocheting when she heard the chatter of young voices outside. Eliot poked his head through the museum door.
‘Are you ready for us, Ms Bloom?’
She put her crocheting down and stood up. ‘Yeah, in you come.’
Eliot beckoned to the gang of seven -and eight- year-olds lined up behind him. ‘All right, you lot.’
The kids piled in, a couple of parent helpers bringing up the rear.
‘Okay, gang,’ Eliot said in his bossy teacher voice. ‘We’re very lucky to have the castle to ourselves, so I want you all on your best behaviour while Ms Bloom shows us some interesting things from Kettlewick’s history. No wandering off, talking out of turn or generally being a pain in the backside until we get back to school. Understand?’
‘Yes, Mr Miller,’ the kids chorused.
Robyn stifled a smirk. It was weird seeing her friend doing his job, like a real grown-up.
‘Hello, everyone, and welcome to Kettlewick Castle Heritage Museum,’ she said to the group, who were already casting underwhelmed glances around the exhibits.
She nodded to Felicity. ‘My lovely assistant, Miss Heath here, will hand out some Treasure Trail sheets and then we’ll—’
A hand attached to a brassy – looking ginger lass shot into the air.
‘Why’s it called a castle when it’s not then, Miss?’ she demanded.
Eliot frowned. ‘I think Ms Bloom would prefer to answer questions at the end, Laurie. You’ve been told before it’s bad manners to interrupt.’
‘But I put my hand up!’ Laurie’s lip started to wobble. ‘I did it like I was s’posed to, didn’t I? Put my hand up, didn’t I? Don’t see why I’m in trouble if I put my hand up.’
‘It’s okay, I don’t mind answering questions as we go.’ Robyn flashed the little girl a smile. ‘It’s not a very interesting story, I’m afraid. The house was known as Kettlewick Castle long before it was a museum. I think the man who built the place thought it was funny.’
‘Well, because it’s not a castle. Just an ordinary house. It’s a joke, you see?’
Laurie pondered this for a moment. ‘I don’t get it,’ she said. The other kids nodded in agreement.
‘I guess it’s not a very funny joke,’ Robyn conceded. ‘There was no TV in those days so people had lower expectations when it came to comedy.’
The children stared at her blankly.
‘No TV?’ one lad whispered to his friend. ‘What did people even do?’
‘Aha!’ Robyn seized gratefully on the prompt. ‘Funnily enough, that’s one thing you’re here today to learn about. The Treasure Trail sheets please, Miss Heath.’

About The Author

Mary Jayne Baker grew up in rural West Yorkshire, right in the heart of Brontëcountry… and she’s still there. After graduating from Durham University with adegree in English Literature, she dalliedwith living in cities including London,Nottingham and Cambridge, but eventually came back with her own romantic hero intow to her beloved Dales, where she first started telling stories about heroines withflaws and the men who love them.


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