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The First Lie by A. J. Park – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

The First Lie by by A. J. Park

Genre: Psychological Thriller
PublisherOrion Books

About The Book

We’ve all had sleepless nights thinking about it.
You’re home alone. Someone breaks in.
In defending yourself, you end up killing the intruder.
Now you’re the one the police want.
That is the situation that criminal barrister Paul Reeve arrives home to find.
His wife Alice stands in the bedroom, clutching a bloodied letter opener in her shaking hand.
“What have you done, Alice?”
“I didn’t have a choice…”
We would all believe the person we love most.
But would we all make the same choice Paul and Alice make next…?

My Thoughts

What would you do if you arrive one day at home and you find that your partner has killed someone? Call the police or cover it up? That’s the plot of “The First Lie”, original and twisted you’ll not be able to stop reading!
I’ll admit that I really don’t know if I had ever found myself in these circumstances, call the police would seem the most realistic thing to do, but you never know if they will believe you and how it can affect your life. Alice and Paul seem a good couple, I didn’t like much them, but they seem to care each other and in the beginning they really trust each other. But as you can imagine a lie like this changes you (unless you are a serial killer, of course!) and I don’t think they are prepared for the consequences of what they have done.
The story is told between Alice and Paul in first person and then there’s a parallel case in which the detectives seem to investigate a serial killer, we don’t know the connection between them, but it makes you wonder who was really the victim of Alice and Paul!
I really don’t want to tell you more about the plot, because the story is twisted and addictive, you have to read it!
Don’t expect lovely characters, someone that kills and doesn’t call the police is not someone you’ll trust, but that’s what makes this book different, how after doing something so terrible their world start crumbling around them, I saw some irony on it!
The First Lie is an addictive and original read, be prepared to have the next hours free! 😉

About The Author

After studying literature, linguistics and Spanish at university, A.J. Park trained as an English teacher and actor. He has edited magazines, and taught English, Media Studies and Drama in secondary schools across England. He was also a competitive fencer for seven years.


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