Ireland Private Dining in Squaremeal

How are you coping with the new reality? Are you scared of the new regulations and the hygiene at the shops/restaurants?
This 2020 had to be a year full of travels and new experiences, instead I’ve been closed at home for more than 3 months and had to cancel 6 trips around the world, really, not the year I was expecting! But now that it seems that the virus is more controlled another fear is starting to grow inside of everyone, is it safe to go out like before? Can we go shopping like nothing happens or can we go with friends to a restaurant without fearing that we will get infected?

That’s why today I want to talk about Squaremeal, a search engine in Ireland for private dining rooms; an online website to help you find the best place to meet people for celebrations, birthdays or simply because you want to enjoy time out! I know that trying to return to normality is the main priority for everyone, this is the reason why I loved so much the idea of Squaremeal for private dining. It is the best way to enjoy a reunion with friends or family in a place that will take care of you with delicious food and taking special care for the hygiene.

Squaremeal is a super easy to use searcher to find restaurants; you only have to choose the city you want, the date and how many people you’ll be. You’ll see the range price of the menu, the size of the room, the cuisine style and of course the booking is free. But let’s admit it, what makes you choose one place or another are the photos of the food, they always say that we eat with our eyes, and all the photos I’ve seen make me want to go and try their food! So don’t be surprised if after taking a look at their website and the restaurants you make a reservation, the food looks so good! 😉

I know that right now going out for a celebration with a large group of people could seem scary, but we have to be real too, the places that are not ready to offer safety for their guests they won’t open, they know the risk they are taking and that you are trusting them with your safety. That’s why I really like the idea of a private room, only the people we want to meet with some delicious food and with the tranquility that the restaurant is taking care of everything and without being super expensive! This is a good way to help the local economy, there are a lot of business that right now are struggling to stay open, this is a way to benefit everyone, and with yummy food made by locals.

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a good time is letting someone else to take care of everything and this is what Squaremeal tries to do, you only have to decide which is the restaurant you’ll like the most and how many people you want to meet, they will take care of the rest!


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