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The Cleaner by Mark Dawson – Blog Tour

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The Cleaner by Mark Dawson

Genre: Thriller
Source: Edpr
Publisher: Welbeck Publishing
Rating: 4’5/5
Amazon, Hive

About The Book

After a job goes wrong and leaves an unplanned, bloody trail, government assassin John Milton does something he has never done before – he hides.
Melting into the bustle of London’s East End and holing up in a vacant flat, John meets Sharon, mother to a troubled boy called Elijah. They are caught up in the middle of a violent turf war between rival gangs.
John’s instinct to protect means he unwittingly becomes involved in the gang rivalry and this puts him in sight of the government’s next best hitman. Before long, his fight to protect a mother and her child go to a whole new level. Now he’s fighting to stay alive.

My Thoughts

Being a killer for sale has his bad side, nightmares and ghosts hunting at every corner. Maybe now it’s time to change for something new?
John Milton has decided to do his last job, is tired of having his hands full of blood and thinks that is time to retire and make a new fresh start. But as you can imagine this decision will make his life more difficult than ever; and when he decides to save Sharon and her son Elijah, who seems to be involved in a gang, everything will start going south.
This book had a slow start, the writer tries to put the reader on scene and explain John’s past, but don’t worry, the story will have plenty of action and twists as the pages progress, don’t get upset if you want more at the end of the story.
I don’t normally read action books, but this book sounded so original and full of action that I really couldn’t wait to start reading and let’s be honest, it didn’t disappoint me. I liked how the main character is not perfect, he tries to do good but doesn’t always achieve it while having some deaths on the process and this made the story more real, because sometimes no matter how you try to do good with your actions the answer is not the one you were expecting.
The Cleaner is the first book of a series so be prepared to be addicted to John Milton books from now on, they will keep you entertained for a while, don’t worry!

About The Author

Mark Dawson has worked as a lawyer and in the London film industry. His first books, The Art of Falling Apart and Subpoena Colada, have been published in multiple languages. He is currently writing three series. The John Milton series features a disgruntled assassin who aims to help people make amends for the things that he has done. The Beatrix Rose series features the headlong fight for justice of a wronged mother–who happens to be an assassin–against the six names on her Kill List. Soho Noir is set in the West End of London between 1940 and 1970. The first book in the series, The Black Mile, deals with the (real-life but little-known) serial killer who operated in the area during the Blitz. The Imposter traces the journey of a criminal family through the period; it has been compared to The Sopranos in austerity London. Mark lives in Wiltshire with his family.


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