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Thirty-One Bones by Morgan Cry – Blog Tour

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Thirty-One Bones by Morgan Cry

Genre: Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Polygon Books

About The Book

When Daniella Coulstoun’s estranged mother Effie dies in Spain under suspicious circumstances, she feels it’s her duty to fly out for the funeral.
On arrival, Daniella is confronted by a dangerous group of expat misfits who claim that Effie stole huge sums of cash from them in a multi-million property scam. They want the money back and Daniella is on the hook for it.
When a suspicious Spanish detective begins to probe Effie’s death and a London gangster hears about the missing money, Daniella faces threats on every front. With no idea where the cash is and facing a seemingly impossible deadline, she quickly finds herself out of her depth and fighting for survival in a strange and terrifying world.

My Thoughts

Sometimes the death of a parent is much more difficult to cope than you had ever thought. This is the story of Daniella, her mother just passed and she will be swamped by problems, big and dangerous… Ready?
This is one of those stories that from the moment you start reading you can’t stop turning pages. The story is “easy”, a daughter who will become involved in her mother business after her passing away; but there’s so much more behind it! I know what it is to loose a parent and have to solve all the issues that they left open, in this case Daniella will not have an easy path. Her mother left her a bar but with some dangerous people visiting her… Oh yes, there’s a lot more that you’ll learn on the story, but you’ll have to read the book to know more!
On the other side, it seems that the police are not sure about how Daniella’s mother, Effie Coulston, passed away and will start investigating and as you can expect Daniella will be the first suspect! But don’t worry, as the story progresses you’ll start feeling that a bar is not a simple business but full of intriguing and dangerous people.
This is a story to read in one sit, not all the characters are likeable or easy to connect, but that’s not the point of this book, because dark characters sometimes make a story much easier to keep the reader interested and wanting to know if the main character will survive all of it!
I liked how this book talks about scams and dirty business, because sometimes it is easy to forget that people are not always good and the dangerous ones like to hide at first sight. Thirty-One Bones is a book to start and don’t let go, ready?

About The Author

Morgan Cry is the ex-pat alias of Gordon Brown, a Scottish crime writer with 7 novels to his name. Leaving the dark alleyways of tartan noir and heading for the Spanish sunshine, Morgan Cry debuts with a cracking tale of murder, intrigue, and a daughter flung right in at the deep end with her mother’s secrets. It’s dangerous out in the sun.


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