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Deadly Secrets by Ann Girdharry – Blog Tour

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Deadly Secrets by Ann Girdharry

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Rachel Random Resources
Bloodhound Books

About The Book

How long can you get away with murder?In an idyllic Sussex town, Mr Quinn whispers a secret on his death bed. Hours later the person who cared for Quinn is killed.Mr Quinn’s secret sets off events unlike anything Detective Grant andPsychologist Ruby Silver have ever seen.A series of deaths follow as a killer tries to cover their twenty-year trail of murder by drowning.Grant, Silver and the team must track a killer who has been getting away with murder for years. But when treachery, corruption and secrets from the past are used against Sergeant Tom Delaney, the killer turns their attention to one of Grant’s own..

My Thoughts

I admit that I love death confessions, you can always predict that there will be deathly consequence! Because if you tell a secret you’ve been keeping for so long is for the fear of what could happen if it’s revealed, don’t you think?
When Mr Quinn confesses to his carer, Michelle Dixon, a secret he has been hiding for the last twenty years I don’t think he was expecting the consequences it would have. Because a few hours after he confesses, Michelle is killed! As you can see, the news traveled really fast!
So when DCI David Grant and his team start to investigate they will see a relation between the confession and two boys that disappeared at Bladen Hall. Could it be possible that there’s been a killer free during all these years without anyone investigating it? You’ll have to read the story if you want to know more!
DI Grant will have the help of the criminal psychologist Ruby Silver, she is a great add to the team, and will be a good help when things will turn more personal! It’s always interesting when a book not only focuses on the mystery but the life of the main characters, makes the reader feel more connected to them and wanting to know more of their story. Never forget that this is a thriller, and this killer is a mastermind, ready to do anything to continue enjoying his freedom. Lucky for the reader they will have an insight of their thoughts and actions which makes the story more complex and full.
This is the second book of the Detective David Grant series, but you can read it as standalone, don’t worry.
Ready to discover the “Deadly Secrets”?

About The Author

Ann Girdharry is a British, crime thriller author.She’s a trained psychotherapist and worked as a manager in the not-for-profit sector for many years.Ann is an avid reader and her favourites are crime and suspense. She regularly talks about her favourite reads to her newsletter subscribers. She enjoys travelling and apart from the UK she’s lived in the USA (where her first daughter was born), Norway (where her second daughter was born) and she currently lives in France.She was an ERIC HOFFER BOOK AWARD Finalist 2017

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