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The Third Magpie by MS Clements – Blog Tour

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The Third Magpie by MS Clements

Genre: Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
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About The Book

Caring teacher and loving husband,  Finn tolerates daily humiliation to be with Sophie, the woman he loves. Fragile & naturally compliant he must summon all his courage to survive the system.
Despite the injustice, they dream of a normal life, where liberty and identity are not subverted by ever tightening restrictions.
When a powerful politician requests that Finn tutor his daughter, it seems like a change of fortune.
Soon Finn’s new found optimism is crushed by manipulative abuse, and a flu-like epidemic that threatens his life. It is left to Sophie to pick up the pieces and save her husband. In New Albany, every opportunity comes at price.
How far must Sophie go to save the man she loves?
For fans of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, ‘VOX’, 1984, and other speculative fiction, ‘The Third Magpie’ takes the reader into a terrifyingly plausible world where a  wristband restricts your job, your movement, and even who you can marry. It is a society where propaganda masks extremism that threatens your very existence.

My Thoughts

What would you do to keep your loved ones and yourself safe? Anything?
This is a dystopian story, but it felt too real to tell the truth, a little bit like the Handmaids Tale or VOX, that we are not there yet but we could be if we don’t change the way we are living.
This is not an easy story to read, can you imagine that you could have more or less privileges depending where you’ve born? Sounds familiar, am I right? The thousands of people that are trying to cross the borders around the world to have a better life, because sadly they were not born in a rich house or country. Finn tries to have a normal live, living with her wife and working in a job he likes, but is not as beautiful as it sounds and his life is not easy, he is an immigrant, this means that his life matters less compared to the other people around him.
This is a story that will hunt you, the psychological fear that will not end good is always there, the pain and rage of how Finn and Sophie are living and suffering without being able to do anything about it.
This is a book that will mark you, you’ll not be able to stop thinking about it and maybe, just maybe, will make you try to change a little bit the world we are living in.
The Third Magpie is a book that everyone should read and talk, because if we don’t change now, maybe later it will be too late.

About The Author

Of Anglo-Spanish heritage, M.S. Clements grew up in Exeter, Devon. After gaining a degree in Economics and Spanish, Clements moved to London and trained for a PGCE at The Institute of Education. In the late 1990’s Clements worked as a Spanish teacher at all boys’ comprehensive in Surrey, leaving full time teaching in 2000. Clements continues to run a Spanish club for primary aged girls at a local school and tutors privately.
M.S. Clements has published short stories and poetry both online and in print, and is a founding member of @Virtwriting, an online writers’ group.


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