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Discovery Globe by Leon Gray – Product Review

I know that each child has their own needs and hobbies, sadly mine is only 4 and is totally obsessed with countries and flags (as I am sure you are aware if you follow me). That’s why we are always looking for toys with flags/countries for my little one to learn in a funny way, I can say that he recognises more flags than me and knows where to locate them in the map!
That’s why when I saw the book/toy Discovery Globe by Walker I thought it would be an amazing present for him and I think for any kid who loves to learn in a funny way! Because this is quite a complete set, there’s a book and a globe to assemble.

I’ll start talking about the globe, it’s quite easy to assemble (if the child is young, you’ll have to help them). The pieces are numbered making it easy, and inside the book there are a few instruction, so don’t worry. I’ll have to say that I liked that the pieces stick together perfectly like they are glued. There’s a thick wood piece to put on the center allowing the globe to spin, my son spins it so fast that sometimes it fells down, but again is super easy to re-assemble it, so no problem at all.

The globe is quite detailed, with the country names and continents too; there are some animals and important monuments draw on the globe, making it more colourful and attractive for the children’s eyes. And let’s admit it, perfect to make them to ask questions and try to discover their meaning. There’s a little map key with the biomes at the base, but my little one is too young to ask for that!

Once you have the globe assembled, there’s a book included with the pack and it’s the perfect match! The book is not an atlas, there are some curious information about buildings, climate, animals, characters… all with the countries linked to them, making it fun to try to connect what they are reading with the drawing on the map. And, at the end of the book there are a few icons that you have to search on the globe!

If you are planning to buy a globe, I think this is a great toy/book, an original way to learn new interesting facts about the world in a funny and interactive way, for us a hit!


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