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A History of the Universe in 21 Stars (and 3 Imposters) by Giles Sparrow

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A History of the Universe in 21 Stars (and 3 Imposters) by Giles Sparrow

Genre: Astronomy, Non Fiction
Publisher: Welbeck Publishing
ed Public Relations
Amazon, Hive

About The Book

From red giants, quasars and supernovae to black holes, multiple stars and even our own Sun, this fascinating book tells the intriguing, inspiring and incredible story of how the best astronomers came to unravel the mysteries of the Universe and what we learnt along the way.
Lavishly illustrated with stunning sky maps, A History of the Universe in 21 Stars sheds light on some of the most talked-about, long-held secrets of the night sky and will appeal to experienced stargazers and amateur astronomers alike.
The stars (and three imposters) explored in this book provide an opportunity to look at the unique role astronomy has played in our scientific understanding of the past, present and future of the Universe. Engaging and wonderfully accessible, Sparrow offers entertaining anecdotes about the astronomers who made monumental discoveries, some astronomical dead-ends and other eye-opening, amusing curiosities.

My Thoughts

Even if I only have a sample of this book, it’s so precious that I can’t stop looking at it!
The sky and the stars are something that always attracted me, even if I never learnt appropriately all the name of the stars or how to find them in the extensive sky, I always like to let the time flow while I am looking at them at night.
This is a book to learn a little bit of astronomy, history and have a lot of fun while you are reading it! Maybe I am a little biased for the love of the stars that I have, but who doesn’t like to read a book that let your imagination flow and discover new and interesting things, for me it’s the perfect balance between entertaining, learning and magic that any book needs.
Even if in my sample book there are only 6 stars (how to find them and their story) I will guess that in the full book there will be 21, with plenty of interesting astronomy details of how to discover them by yourself at home. There’s some scientific background, but don’t be scared by it, it’s needed if you want to know a little bit of our Universe, myths are always interesting to read, but the real scientific investigation is always needed to support the credibility of any experiment, even if it is magic like the stars!
This is a very interesting read, part magic part science, that will make you dream and enjoy the sky for a long time. Ready?

About The Author

GILES SPARROW studied Astronomy at University College London. He is the author of over 20 books on popular science for both adults and children, and has
previously written for magazines including All About Space and BBC Sky at Night. He lives in East London.


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