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What Can You See At Night by Maria Perera

Ready to discover another great book for this 2020? Take a look…

What Can You See At Night by Kate Ware and Maria Perera

Genre: Children’s Book
Publisher: Little Tiger

About The Book

Discover a busy world at night with this wonderful peep-through book! With fascinating facts and lots to see, this is a fun and reassuring glimpse into life after dark.

My Thoughts

Night is always a scary moment for the little ones, because of the shadows and not being able to see what surrounds them, I can totally understand their fear. That’s why I liked this book, it is a way to show them that, even if it’s dark, the world around them doesn’t stop and they don’t have to be afraid of the night creatures.
The book is full of beautiful illustrations and interesting facts to make the little ones keep popping questions to the reader and make them curious about the world that surrounds them, animals and humans, of course!
I found really interesting that the book makes the reader answer questions while they are reading the book, making the sounds of the animals they can find on every page, and not saying what “sound” do they make but what do the animals “say”, I like the comparison, meaning that they talk when they make sounds, an interesting fact that not always kids understand. But now, everytime my little one looks at the book he makes the sounds by himself. 😉
This is a book for young children, the pages are thick and rounded, perfect for little hands and with peep-through pages to make the little ones guessing what’s on the next page.
This is a very interesting book; perfect to make the little ones discover interesting facts without noticing and made them a little less fear of the night when they’ll see all the beautiful creatures that are awake when they are sleeping.
So, What Can You See At Night?


The Author

Originally from Mid Wales, Kate Ware designs and illustrates children’s books from her studio in North Herefordshire, where she lives with her family. She loves gardening, cooking and going for walks with Pickle the pug. She also has a large array of chickens and 4 pet lambs called Cookie, Peggy, Rose and Simple.

The Illustrator

At a very young age María found out that there are few things in life she enjoyed as much as listening to The Beatles and drawing. When she grew up she graduated in Art History at the University of Oviedo and soon after she studied Graphic Design at the Art School of Avilés. Nowadays she still listens to The Beatles and feels fortunate to be able to do what she loves the most for a living: illustration.

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