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Mindworm by David Pollard – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2020? Take a look…

After the Silence by Louise O’Neill

Genre: Horror Thriller
Source: Rachel Random Resources

About The Book

The placid life of a college librarian is plunged into a desperate fight for survival when he witnesses the death of his only friend. Suddenly he is forced to confront disturbing changes in his nature and appetites and their consequences. Suspected of murder and pursued by an implacable police
detective he runs–but is he running from the law or from himself?


My Thoughts

Do you believe in souls? It is what makes us different, the essence of us as humans and conscience not only a body.
This is a different book from the ones I am used to, a mystery, yes, but with some horror science fiction on it. Sometimes something challenging is what my mind searches to disconnect from the typical thrillers and “Mindworm” has done a great job!
This had been a short story, quick but disturbing; how a man changes totally without knowing it; from human to vampire, you’ll feel the desperation and need from him. He doesn’t really know what’s happening to him, simply that his hunger has changed, now the only thing that completes him is the souls of his victims. But he will not be alone in this adventure, a detective will be following his steps trying to stop his killings, but will he succeed?
This had not been an easy read, it felt too short for so many important things involved on the story, I missed a little bit of background of the characters and what really moved them. You could totally feel the emotions of the characters but not completely feel connected with them, I hope that there will be another book to tell the reader a little bit more about how everything started!
If you are looking for a different mystery with some horror drops, this is your book!

About The Author

After more than forty years of paid employment David Pollard retired to glorious Hereford an dimmersed himself in the theatrical activities of the county. He is currently Chair of Hereford CountyDrama Festival.David sees himself as a teller of tales–he is a playwright, author of short stories and novels. He has a preference for dark and dystopian material. He is also an actor and theatrical director.Among the many authors admired by David is Robert Louis Stevenson–for his website David adopted the appellation Tuistala–Samoan for ‘Teller of Tales’ which the Samoan people called RLS.Several of David’s plays have been published by Lazybee Scripts–one of which ‘Aspects of aBetrayal’ was shortlisted for the Kenneth Branagh prize at the Windsor Fringe Festival.


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