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The Humans by Jonny Marc and Charlie Davis

Ready to discover another great book for this 2020? Take a look…

The Humans by Jonny Marc and Charlie Davis

Genre: Picture Book, Non Fiction
Publisher: Little Tiger
Rating: 5/5

About The Book

This book showcases the greatest achievements of ancient civilisations, peoples and iconic figures from history. From the Nubians to the Native Americans, and the Akkadians to the Aztecs, our predecessors have pioneered a plethora of wonderful and wacky inventions, technologies and practices. They’ve constructed monumental buildings and sprawling cities, created languages, modes of transport, art, medicines, music, stories, myths and more. Let’s delve into the past and discover what humankind accomplished in the centuries and millennia since the first civilisations were formed… k

My Thoughts

This is one of my son’s favourite books since it arrived at home. It was almost impossible to have it in my hands and read it without him asking me questions about the maps, the characters or the story on it. He loves this book, but not only him, it’s so interesting and with so many information on it that every time that I am reading it I learn something new!
I don’t think this is only a book for children, this is a book for adults too, an interesting and visual infographic about all the civilisations humans have had and what we learnt from them; music, cities, buildings, alphabet… I think this book has been created with a lot of detail and interesting facts to keep any reader interested, and with beautiful illustrations and colours to make the reader entertained and to keep looking and discovering more details each time to look at the pages. But what I loved is that you can find female leaders in this book, I’ll have to admit that I didn’t know any of the female characters that this book talks about. Sadly I’ve never studied any women during my history lessons so I am super happy that my son will learn that women are important too and have an important part in history, not only at home! I found interesting that there’s a little map on every page showing the reader where in the world the civilisation was based, and my favourite thing is that there are snippets of interesting/curious facts on each page, I’ve learned so much with this book!
This book is recommended for 9 years old or older kids, but I can assure you that I will keep this book even when my son will grow older, it’s much better than the internet, everything you need to know from Humans in one book and is not boring, can’t you believe it? I love that the themes that I always thought were boring during my school can be updated and become more interesting to the little ones, because learning should never be boring, it has to be fun and entertaining, don’t you think? Are you ready to discover everything about “The Humans”?

About The Author

Jonny Marx lives in London, where he works as a children’s book editor and author. From a compendium of mythical monsters and a chronology of prehistoric creatures, to books about crime capers, lost unicorns, incredible human beings and humankind, Jonny has worked on more than 60 titles (and counting!).

About The Illustrator

After studying illustration at Falmouth in Cornwall, Charlie spent five years working as a graphic designer in London. Now a full time illustrator he has worked on a number advertising campaigns and branding projects. Passionate about nature, people and architecture, Charlie depicts stylised figures, dramatic light and expressive colour to tell an engaging story.


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