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Little Turtle And The Sea by Becky Davies and Jennie Poh

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Little Turtle And The Sea by Becky Davies and Jennie Poh

Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Little Tiger

About The Book

Little Turtle loves the ocean with her whole heart. As the years pass, she repeats an incredible journey across the world to the beautiful coral reefs.
But one day she finds that plastic has invaded her ocean. Could Turtle’s journey be over forever?



My Thoughts

I don’t know why but turtles have been always an animal I respected and intrigued me, they have their big house on their shoulders and have to carry it always. They don’t seem to be animals that scares easily, on the contrary, they are friendly even with the difficult life they have!
This is the story of a little turtle, since she was born till she grows as an adult; you’ll see some glimpses of how difficult is the travel they do every year to lair their eggs on the beach and how only a few survive all the trip. But this is not a book about turtles but the sea, the magnitude and beauty of the ocean, with the plants and fishes that live in. The problem they have? That humans endanger their ecosystem and it’s threatening them.
This is a very beautiful book, with some texturised illustrations and detailed landscapes that will make any little reader discover how important is recycling and taking care of the waste we leave on the beach. I found this book perfect to show my little one why it’s so important to not throw anything in the toilet or the street and be careful with our environment. Sadly I’ve been seeing masks on the streets lately and my son is starting to ask why are there, so this was the best book I could have on my hands to make my little one understand that we don’t live alone in this planet and that our rubbish can endanger the animals. It’s not easy to start a conversation with small children about recycling, they don’t fully understand what does it mean, but this is book is visual and realistic to show why we need to take care of the environment and not leave waste around. Of course the story has a happy ending, but I think that adults should read a little bit more of this type of books to change our way to act.

Author: Becky Davies

Becky is a children’s book editor and sometimes author from the South West of England. Her favourite things are animals, books about magic, and anything sparkly. In a parallel universe she lives in Hawaii, where she works in a dog sanctuary and surfs until the sun sets beyond the horizon.

Illustrator: Jennie Poh 

Jennie was born in London and spent her formative years in Malaysia, returning to the UK at the age of nine. She fell in love with the Norfolk countryside and feels a deep connection with nature and conservation, which influences her work. Jennie lives in Surrey with her two daughters and two marmalade cats.

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