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The Story of Babushka by Catherine Flores – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2020? Take a look…

The Story of Babushka by Catherine Flores

Genre: Picture Book
Source: Love Books Tours

About The Book

The babushka doll, also known as a matryoshka or Russian nesting doll, is a traditional Russian toy first made over 100 years ago. The doll has come to symbolise Russian folk culture, as well as the complex and beautiful layers of women. There are some babushka dolls with as many as fifty dolls nested inside. This is the story of one very special babushka doll and her five bodies. There was the outermost body, Antonia. She was pure beauty. Everyone who saw her admired her good looks. Beneath that body of beauty hid Loretta, who was richly adorned. She wore gold ornaments, and her green robe was decorated with many different gems that glittered like the ocean on a sunny day. Hidden within the rich body was Paula, the body that held all Babushka’s talents. Whatever Paula did, she was sure to succeed. She knew how to work and always did so with joy and determination. Within the talented body was Viola, the body of wisdom. Viola knew a lot about the world and learned very quickly. She was always full of brilliant ideas and had clever solutions for every problem. The last body, the smallest of all, was Mary, the embodiment of love. Mary had a warm and compassionate heart and was very helpful. She could dry tears and mend broken hearts. Together, these bodies formed the complete Babushka.

My Thoughts

I’ve always loved the Matrioshka dolls, the traditional Russian wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another, I had one when I was a kid and I spent so many hours opening and closing them that I only had good memories of them.
This is the story of Babushka, a matrioshka doll with her 5 bodies, who tries to find the meaning of life, love and friendship; and each one of her bodies have a personality and has a special meaning for the story.
This is a very interesting read for the little ones, to make them think and appreciate what they have but in a realistic but beautiful way.
This is a book that parents and children will love and enjoy, not only the story but the illustrations and how easy is to enter the story and fall in love with Babushka, teaching something important doesn’t have to be difficult, sometimes, a beautiful story can attract more the little ones and it will be much easier to make them understand the importance of life.
The Story of Babushka is a beautiful story that I will keep in my heart forever.

About The Author

Since quitting her full-time job at a branding communication agency in Zurich, Catherine has gone on to become a successful freelance designer and a children’s author. She spends most of her time on the small island of Madeira with her family, spending her time growing vegetables in her garden and working for clients from around the world.
She is currently working on the follow up to the 2020 release of “The Story Of Babushka”


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