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The Puzzle Women by Anna Ellory – Blog Tour

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The Puzzle Women by Anna Ellory

Genre: Fiction
Source: Ed Public Relations
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Berlin, 1989. Siblings Rune and Lotte are shaken awake by Mama and told to follow her quietly into the night. Last time they snuck away from Papa, with Mama bruised and broken, they were back within a week. But this time they are starting a new life, Mama says—where nobody can ever hurt them again.
Ten years later, the memories of their escape are blurry; Mama is long gone and the siblings are back at Papa’s house. But when they receive a mysterious notebook that seems to have come from Mama, Papa tears it apart. Could there be more to their past than they’ve been led to believe?
With Rune paralysed by fear, Lotte takes their fate into her own hands. When she learns about the ‘Puzzle Women’ working tirelessly to reconstruct files shredded by the former secret police, she begs them to help her piece Mama’s story back together. But as Papa’s threats against both siblings escalate, can they unite to learn the full, brutal truth in Mama’s own words at last?

My Thoughts

This book intrigued me from the first page, we start in the past, where the siblings Rune and Lotte are leaving their home at night with Mama scared of their Papa. The next thing we know is ten years later, where Rune and Lotte still live with their Papa but not their Mama. What happened?
As you can see, the story is intriguing from the first page, you feel that the mother of these two siblings loves them very much, so why is she not there now? Is she dead? Did she leave their children with the abuser? There will be more questions asked when a mysterious notebook appears on their lives, possibly from Mama… maybe the truth will be revealed?
This is an atmospheric read, you are all the time scared for the two siblings, not really knowing why but you can feel a dark presence surrounding them. At the same time we will be surrounded by the difficult moments in Berlin when the East and the West were reunited, you can expect that it was not an easy moment to live or to be part of it.
I loved this story; it’s bitter and haunting, I couldn’t stop thinking about the story for some time; how family makes you fight for anything and everything and it doesn’t matter if you have to risk your life for it. Because fear, in the end, is just an emotion that love can always beat.
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About The Author

Anna is the author of two novels, The Rabbit Girls (2019) translated into 14 languages and The Puzzle Women (2020). She has always been an avid reader and after becoming a mum she started writing too. Prior to this she worked as a nurse. In 2018 she completed an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University.


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