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Poisoned by Jennifer Donelly – Blog Tour

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Poisoned by Jennifer Donelly

Genre: Fiction
Source: Kaleidoscopic Tours
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Beautiful Sophie, with lips as red as blood, skin as pale as snow, and hair as dark as night, is about to come of age and inherit her father’s throne. But Sophie’s stepmother wants rid of her – beautiful she may be, but too weak and foolish to reign. And Sophie believes her, as she believes all the things that have been said about her – all the poisonous words people use to keep girls like her from becoming too powerful, too strong.
When the huntsman carries out his orders of killing Sophie, she finds a fire burning inside her that will not be extinguished, and sets off to reclaim what was taken from her.

My Thoughts

Which was your favorite tale when you were young?
I don’t know if I had a favorite book, but I can assure you that “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” always scared me, I don’t know if it was for the step-mother witchcraft or the dwarfs that helped Snow White… I think all the tale per se is quite hunting!
Poisoned is an adaptation of the book, with the same hunting atmosphere and the devil step-mother, but I don’t know if it’s this version or that reading it as an adult it’s more dark and powerful, but I couldn’t stop reading it once I started.
I liked how the author makes a naïve main character, let’s be honest, in the real tale, Snow White is not very brave, she is facing the hate from her mother-in-law and the ignorance from anyone, but she still trusts the world and that everything will be okay. In this book Sophie will have to grow-up quickly if she wants to survive, but she will learn that kindness sometimes is the best way to fight evil, not with dark magic.
I love reading tales, they all have a very interesting core that we didn’t pay enough attention to when we read it as a child and now it makes the story much more sense, but makes you wonder if they were really made for children or adults.
The author, Jennifer Donelly, has been adapting some of the most famous tales in a contemporary way and I have to admit I am hooked, I can’t wait to discover her new story, all of them are interesting and eye opening, believe me!
Ready to discover “Poisoned”?

About The Author

Jennifer Donnelly is the author of seven novels and a picture book for children. She grew up in New York State, in Lewis and Westchester counties, and attended the University of Rochester where she majored in English Literature and European History.
Jennifer’s first novel, THE TEA ROSE, an epic historical novel set in London and New York in the late 19th century, was called ‘exquisite’ by Booklist, ‘so much fun’ by the Washington Post, a ‘guilty pleasure’ by People and was named a Top Pick by the Romantic Times.
Her second novel, A GATHERING LIGHT, won the Carnegie Medal, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the Borders Original Voices Award, and was named a Printz Honor book.
Described as ‘rich and true’ by The New York Times, the book was named on the Best Book lists of The Times (London), The Irish Times, The Financial Times, Publishers Weekly, Booklist and the School Library Journal.
REVOLUTION was named a Best Book by Amazon, Kirkus, School Library Journal, and the Chicago Public Library, and was nominated for a Carnegie Medal. The audio edition was awarded an Odyssey Honor for Excellence.
In 2014, Jennifer teamed up with Disney to launch the bestselling WATERFIRE saga, an epic series about six mermaids on a quest to rid the world of an ancient evil. The first book in the series, DEEP BLUE, was released in May, 2014; the second book, ROGUE WAVE, launched in January 2015.
Jennifer Donnelly lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband, daughter, and two rescue dogs.


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