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The Spy Who Inspired Me by Stephen Clarke – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2020? Take a look…

The Spy Who Inspired Me by Stephen Clarke

Genre: Historical Thriller
Source: Helen Richardson
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: pAf

About The Book

It is April 1944, and chic armchair naval officer Ian Lemming(sic)is accidentally beached in Nazi-occupied Normandy. With no access to a razor or clean underwear, and deprived of his cigarettes, Lemming just wants to go home. But he is stranded with a young, though hugely experienced, female agent called Margaux Lynd, whois on a perilous mission to unmask traitors in a French Resistance network.So, as she bullies him across France, Lemming receives a painful crash course in spy craft, and starts to fantasize about a fictional agent–male of course–who would operate only in the most luxurious conditions, and lord it over totally subservient women.A world-famous spy is born …

My Thoughts

The spy world has almost always been told from the men’s perspective, with women only being the pretty accessorize to decorate or use, but never an important part of the story. This will change now, because Margaux Lynd will show us that it doesn’t matter the genre, what matters is the conviction and perseverance of your actions!
This had been an interesting read, impossible not to compare to the famous spy we all know but at the same time it makes you worship much more Margaux; fresh, intelligent and brave, it’s the spy we all would like to be.
I liked how the author, Stephen Clarke, has created the main characters, they don’t seem to connect much in the beginning, but they know if they want to fulfill the mission they will have to trust each other, as you can imagine it’s easier to say than do. Lemming tries to adjust all the time Margaux to the typical woman stereotype, and it’s really a pleasure seeing how Margaux breaks down the preconceptions every time. Go Margaux!
This is a historical spy thriller, nail biting and addictive that will make any reader delight with the story. Forget all the preconceived ideas you have from the spies or their missions, here is the book you need to have to see a new and fresh vision of the secret world, with satire and tension you’ll want a new adventure! Ready for “The Spy Who Inspired Me”?

About The Author

Stephen Clarke is the bestselling author of the Merde series of comedy novels ( A Year in the Merde, Merde Actually, Dial M for Merde et al) which have been translated into more than 20 languages and sold more than a million copies worldwide.


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