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Black Widows by Cate Quinn – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Black Widows by Cate Quinn

Genre: Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Orion

About The Book

The only thing the three women had in common was their husband.
And, as of this morning, that they’re each accused of his murder.
Blake Nelson moved into a hidden stretch of land – a raw paradise in the wilds of Utah – where he lived with his three wives:
Rachel, the chief wife, obedient and doting to a fault.
Tina, the other wife, who is everything Rachel isn’t.
And Emily, the youngest wife, who knows little else.
When their husband is found dead under the desert sun, the questions pile up.
But none of the widows know who would want to kill a good man like Blake.
Or, at least, that’s what they’ll tell the police…

My Thoguths

What a read! Different and complex, it was impossible to put down, believe me! I’ll start saying that I am not a religious person and cults scare me, so this was a very interesting read for me; a man who is married with three different women…
Of course, the day he appears dead all the widows will be the main suspects… The questions will be, did they do it? Did they plan this together even if they hate each other, or are they innocent or guilty?
As you can see, there are so many questions that popped in the reader’s mind when they started reading that believe me, it was impossible to stop reading till all the questions were answered. The story is told from the view of the three widows; Rachel, Tina and Emily; the only thing they have in common is that they are married to the same man and that they hate each other.
This is a slow burning story, as the story progresses and we discover the past of all the wives and their secrets you can fully understand their situation and how this ending was inevitable. Let’s be honest, reading books like this doesn’t make me trust religions or the fervent people that follow their rules, on the contrary it makes me to be more afraid and cautious when I am near them.
I’ll advise that even if this is a very interesting read, sometimes it’s difficult being on the skin of the characters, none of them had an easy past and their present is not very happy either. Maybe the future, without Blake, will be the starting point they need. Ready to discover “Black Widows”?

About The Author

Catherine Quinn is a bestselling fiction author whose books are published in over fifteen countries. She writes contemporary thrillers as Cate Quinn, and her historical thrillers are published under the pen name CS Quinn.Catherine’s was a travel and lifestyle journalist for The Times, The Guardian and The Mirror, alongside many magazines. Prior to journalism and fiction, her background in historic research won prestigious postgraduate funding from the British Art Council.Combining research skills with far-flung travel experiences helped her delve into different communities and worlds to create page-turning thrillers in interesting locations.

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