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Daughter of the Sea by Sylvia Broady – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Daughter of the Sea by Sylvia Broady

Genre: Historical Fiction
Source: Rachel Random Resources
Publisher: Allison & Busby

About The Book

Jessica is grieving for her beloved father, trawler owner Jacob Kingdom, when a heated confrontation ends with her being cast out from the family home and the revelation of a shameful secret. She falls upon the kindness of strangers and meets a charismatic trawlerman, who is proud to walk out with Kingdom s daughter. But with her cold-hearted brother at the helm of the family business, there is discontent rising, and being Kingdom s daughter begins to lose its charm. With Jessica desperate to prove herself worthy, does she have what it takes to weather the storm to come, or will her secret hold her back?

My Thoughts

This read had been a rollercoaster, emotions on edge and the war as a background, it doesn’t mean it will not have a happy ending, only a well deserved happiness.
Alice lost her memories after a road accident, she doesn’t remember fully her past, only bits of her abusive husband and her sweet daughter. She will try to recover from her wounds and start a new life, always remembering what she had left behind… Would it be possible for her to start again? Will her past always hunt her?
This had been an addictive read, atmospheric and easy to feel connected with the story and the characters. As I said, it’s not always an easy read, it will make you value your life and your family and friends; it’s never easy to start again when you feel that a part of you is missing. And Alice will show us how much she wants to find her daughter and have a different life, a difficult trip is ahead of her, but maybe with a little bit of luck she will have her wish come true.
The story is told between different points of view, making the story more real and more interesting, because even if Alice is the main character, the secondary are so well written that you want to know more about them!
This had been a special read, it was difficult to say goodbye but they will be with me for a long time. Ready for “The Lost Daughter”?

About The Author

Sylvia Broady was born in Hull and has lived in the area all her life, although she loves to travel the world. It wasn’t until she started to frequent her local library after World War II that her relationship with literature truly began, and her memories of the war influence her writing as does her home town. She has had a varied career in childcare, the NHS and the EYC Library Services, but is now a full-time writer.


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