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The Foreign Girls by Sergio Olguin – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

The Foreign Girls by Sergio Olguin

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Bitter Lemon Press

About The Book

Veronica Rosenthal has retreated to a cousin’s remote cottage in the province of Tucuman, to recuperate from the traumatic events in The Fragility of Bodies. She befriends two female tourists -an Italian and a Norwegian — invites them to stay and starts a sexual relationship with one of them. After a party they attend together, Veronica travels on alone but days later discovers that the women have been murdered. Suspicion falls on a local Umbanda priest, but Veronica starts to uncover a web of corruption, abuse and femicide in which government, wealthy landowners and a high-ranking official from the Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’ are all implicated. Veronica’s investigation, with its unforeseen political dimensions, has alarmed new enemies who will try to stop her at all cost.

My Thoughts

It’s always easy to think that your country is worse than anyone, so when you see the real inside it’s never easy to unseen it, be prepared to read some realities from Argentina. I had some Argentinian friends that they left their country for the corruption and uncertainty on the streets, maybe that’s why I feel more connected to this story and I’ll admit that sometimes it’s not easy to read. The characters feel real and it’s impossible to not wanting to know what really happened to them!
The story starts from the end, how Verónica discovers that her two holidays friend appeared dead, and slowly we will discover how everything started; how Petra and Frida (the victims) met Verónica and of course, what happened to them. This will be a very interesting trip, one that you’ll not be able to forget, believe me.
This is the second book of the Verónica Rosenthal series, you can read it as standalone, but there are some references to the previous one and it’s really good, so I would recommend you to read it! 😉
Verónica is quite a special character, but she will show us the dark side of Argentina and how the women are treated, it seems that every country has their own fights but sexism is a war we will have to fight together. It was also interesting as we read to learn Verónica’s perspective, we see the guilt crumpling all her thoughts, the survivors guilt, non-rational, but real.
Are you ready for “The Foreign Girls”? (Las estrangers)

About The Author

Sergio Olguín was born in Buenos Aires in 1967 and was a journalist before turning to fiction. Olguín has won a number of awards, among others the Premio Tusquets 2009 for his novel Oscura monótona sangre (“Dark Monotonous Blood“) His books have been translated into German, French and Italian.
The translator Miranda France is the author of two acclaimed volumes of travel writing: Don Quixote’s Delusions and Bad Times in Buenos Aires. She has also written the novels Hill Farm and The Day Before the Fire and translated much Latin American fiction, including Claudia Piñeiro’s novels for Bitter Lemon Press.

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