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The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth by Ellie Hattie and Karl James Mountford

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth by Ellie Hattie and Karl James Mountford

Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Little Tiger
Rating: 5/5

About The Book

Look out! There’s a mammoth on the loose! Follow Oscar through a magical museum of curious creatures to find the mammoth before the clock strikes one!Is he munching sandwiches with Diplodocus Dave in the Dinosaur room? Or joining an aerobics class with the Extinct and Endangered Species? 
The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth is a riotous adventure, packed with fascinating facts and lift-the-flap fun. With stunning illustrations from Karl James Mountford, this brilliantly interactive book brings museums to life!

My Thoughts

I’ve been wanting to share my review of “The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth” for a while, but I’ve been struggling to keep my blog updated and writing reviews for a few months. Now that my little one has returned to school, I hope that my anxiety and energy will return soon and I’ll be posting daily as before!
So, let’s talk about this special book, because believe me, this book has everything you’ll need to have a great adventure while seated on your sofa, with a little one (or not so little!, the adventure is so amazing that it doesn’t matter the age of the reader!).
I’ve discovered that my little one is much more interested in reading a book where there is an adventure and you can follow the characters with plain text and a big illustration. I suppose that this is influenced by the age, he is 5, but already reading, and with just plain text and a big picture I see that he is more focused on the illustrations than what he is reading. But in this book, he couldn’t stop wanting to know what it said everywhere, it seemed that any small word would solve the mystery!
This book has colourful and detailed illustrations, the reader will feel transported inside the story, looking for small clues to find the missing mammoth hidden behind the flaps. But what makes this book more special is that it is crowded with facts, bits and bits of culture that without noticing our little ones will learn while they are enjoying the trip with Oscar and the Mammoth.
I really love this book, it has everything I need to enjoy a special afternoon with my son, what more do I want?

About The Author

Ellie Hattie
Ellie has always loved picture books. As a little girl she thought it would be pretty cool to work on them – and even more amazing to write one. After a lot of dithering, cups of tea, and creative support from the fab people in her life she finally managed to do both. Ellie lives in London and her next life goal is to own a cat. A fluffy one.

Karl James Mountford
Karl was born in Germany and grew up in various places around the UK. Karl now lives in beautiful Carmarthen, in Wales, and works as an illustrator making picture books and screen prints, always leaving a paper trail of sketches and drawings wherever he goes

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