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Bobby March Will Live Forever by Alan Parks – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Bobby March Will Live Forever by Alan Parks

Genre: Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Canongate

About The Book

There’s a heatwave in Glasgow and the drugs trade is booming. The whole force is searching for missing thirteen-year-old Alice Kelly. All except Harry McCoy, who has been taken off the case after a run-in with the boss, and is instead sent alone to investigate the death of rock-star Bobby March, who has just overdosed in the Royal Stuart hotel.
The papers want blood. The force wants results. McCoy has a hunch. But does he have enough time?

My Thoughts

This is 1973 in Glasgow, where darkness surrounds everything; drugs, mafia and corruption; our anti hero, DI Harry McCoy will be involved in some dangerous cases, he is not perfect, but he is a good detective and he will find the truth, even if he has to risk his career.
I’ll say that this story shows us a grey Glasgow, dangerous and dark, not a good place to live or work, so the police always have their hands full of cases; a music legend dead with an overdose, a young girl missing… But this is not the case DI Harry McCoy is investigating, he is doing some irrelevant tasks thanks to Detective Sergeant Bernie Raeburn, their mutual hate is present during the whole story.
There’s another case in the story, the disappearance of the Chief Inspector’s niece, that McCoy will try to investigate even if not everyone seems interested in finding the young girl, and that’s what will make him search more deeper.
This book is so well plotted and complex that it was difficult to put down, there are multiple cases on the course with different characters stories told within the pages; you will not get overwhelmed but only more invested in the story. Because this is not a book with good and bad people, this is a story with real people, grey, who had their good and bad things and only want to keep surviving in the grey Glasgow city.
This is the third book of the series “Harry McCoy”, you can read it as standalone, but I think that once you’ve met DI Harry McCoy you’ll want to know his story…
Are you ready for “Bobby March Will Live Forever”?

About The Author

Alan Parks has worked in the music industry for over twenty years. His debut novel Bloody January was shortlisted for the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière. He lives and works in Glasgow.

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